May 10

Guest Post: Stop Procrastinating With Your Life

By Paul Garwood

Stop Procrastinating


Are you a person that puts everything off until tomorrow? Are you a I will do it later person? Then you may have what is stopping many individuals from finding their purpose, finding their passion, and changing their lives. What you may have is Procrastination. Procrastination can be a constant and consistent pattern, causing us to put off not just with things we don’t feel like doing but also the things we’re passionate about.

Procrastination is another man made disease. No one is born with procrastination and this is even for those of you who were born one or two weeks late. But procrastination can kill you. It really can. It can hold you back and lead toward a slow, steady decline instead of the constant and consistent growth that you know you’re capable of but do nothing about.

So how do you overcome procrastination? It’s really simple. One of the first things to do is realize that everything in life is a marathon and not a sprint. But we also have to realize that there are ways to make the rewards of not procrastinating more immediate. A excellent way to do this is to temptation bundling. Simply put, the strategy suggests that you bundle a behavior that is good for you in the long-run with a behavior that feels good in the short-run.

How to Create Your Temptation Bundle:

Here is a simple exercise you can do to develop you temptation bundling strategy…(Read more.)

Check out a simple exercise that can help you stop procrastinating, by reading the rest of this post, “Stop Procrastinating With Your Life,” by By Paul Garwood, by clicking  HERE.