Attention Coaches & Service Providers: Business not growing at the rate you want? Read on and discover…

Revealed: The Real Reason For Slow Sales And Small Profits—And It’s Not What You Think!

Conversion rates and sales figures are great benchmarks, but without’ll never reach your goals.

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We all want more sales, right?

So you tweak and test your copy, make sure your list knows about all your offers, blog regularly and even make yourself known on social media.

But still, your sales numbers are nowhere near where you want them to be.

Why is this so hard? Why are other coaches so much more visible, and why are they making so much more money than you?

They have the one thing you’re lacking. Traffic.

Your Current Email List Is Not Enough

Sure, you’ve built up a nice little community of people who happily read—and even respond to—your emails. Open rates are good and conversions are right where you’d expect them to be.

But your email list is simply not enough. It’s not even close. Here’s why:

If you’re not continually adding new leads to your list, you will soon find your list becoming stagnant and unresponsive. After all, a certain percentage will buy, but others simply will not—no matter how great your offer.

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The only answer for continued sales and greater business growth is to continuously add people to your mailing list.

And you can’t do that without traffic. But you may be thinking…

“I’ve Tried Generating Traffic And It Just Doesn’t Work!”

I hear that from clients and friends every single day. And they’re right. Traffic building is tough. It’s a long game that often can’t be rushed.

But unless you put consistent, well-planned strategies in place, you’re going to still be thinking that a year from now.

Start now, though, with the proven techniques I’m about to share with you, and you will see steady growth beginning almost immediately. Not only that, but you’ll enjoy the added sales that come with a larger piece of the market share.

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To help you get there, I've created a training that will get you more website traffic.


"How to Increase Website Traffic and Get More Leads With Your Content"

Increase website traffic and get more leads

This 4-module training... jam packed with solid, actionable tips you can use beginning right now to see a jump in your traffic numbers almost immediately.

Each module focuses on one specific method, and goes in-depth with multiple strategies that are working today in every niche, so no matter who your ideal client is, you’ll be able to use these techniques to attract their attention.

Module one starts off big by answering the question, “What makes content worth sharing?” If you’ve ever wondered why some coaches enjoy thousands of shares and plenty of viral traffic while others don’t, then you’ll definitely want to check out this first module.

Ragini Michaels

“You are a great example of how to serve your audience on a consistent basis.  Thanks for what you do.”

Ragini Michaels, 

This course is for you if...

•  You’re selling a coaching program but not getting enough sales conversations.

•  You’re working really hard but still hustling to hit meager income goals.

•  You want to have a strategic plan for getting consistent website traffic on autopilot.

Increase website traffic and get more leads

This proven system has 4 easy-to-follow modules:

Content Marketing

Module 1

Create Content So Awesome, People Can’t Help Sharing it (and Beg You for More)

Content is still king online, and once you master the art of creating highly sharable content, you’ll see your traffic numbers explode. In this module, you’ll discover…

Why your work hours don’t have to increase just to improve your traffic numbers—because the last thing anyone wants is to have to work harder!
Why keeping all your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster—and how to easily avoid the risks that come from it.
The number one strategy for long-term traffic growth—and it’s the one that most people miss!
8 easy ways to get over your fear of video—because adding this tool to your toolbox is the easiest way to generate viral traffic.

The top traffic strategy you’re probably not using—and it’s a perfect fit for coaches!
5 ways to make it easy to share all your content—simply by applying this one tip, you’ll see your numbers increase!


Align Yourself with Stars in Your Industry (and Have Them Thank You)

If you’re familiar with the “6 degrees” theory of relationships, then you know how easy it is to expand your circle of acquaintances just by getting to know the people your friends hang out with. The same is true when it comes to building an audience online, and in module two we’ll go over how that works, including:

How to quickly find the influencers in your industry—and how to get their attention when you do.
How to be the perfect podcast guest—and get your brand in front of thousands of new people with a single interview.
How to attract the attention of high-end digital and even print magazines—complete with a 6-step plan that will put you ahead of 99% of your competition!
How to attract the attention of high-end digital and even print magazines—complete with a 6-step plan that will put you ahead of 99% of your competition!
Interviews and speaking engagements aren’t the only ways to drive traffic though, and in module three we’re going to dig into some of the tried-and-true free methods you can put to use right away.


Six Sexy Sources of Free, Targeted Traffic

A good traffic plan is a mix of methods and techniques, and the best strategy of all (for many people) is the one that’s free. That’s what module three is all about: how to generate lots of traffic without spending a dime. We’ll cover…

How to create a webinar your audience will line up to watch—and how to set yourself apart from the crowd.
How to make money from a free webinar—even if you hate sales (and think you're terrible at it)!
How to get others to happily promote you and your programs—and nine ways to make your offer even more appealing.
How to (correctly) use other people’s content to drive traffic to your own site—do this right and everyone wins!
How to become a social media superstar—complete with stellar examples from some of today’s top coaches.
Why a telesummit should play a role in any traffic strategy—and how to quickly create and manage one.

Module 4

Paid Traffic Secrets (How to Tap into the Power of Advertising)

No traffic-generation plan is complete without at least some paid traffic. Think of it as “priming the pump.” But if you get this part wrong, you can waste a lot of money very quickly. So in module four, we’re going to take a close look at the best paid traffic plans for coaches, including...

social media advertising
Three must-do tasks that will make your Facebook ads much more useful—miss these, and you won’t get the best return on your investment.
Why clever ad copy can sometimes backfire—and how to eliminate the ambiguous words that can spell trouble.
How to work with the top influencers in your niche for solo ad placement—just one email has the potential to bring thousands of new people to your website or offer, so don’t skip this section!
How to make the most of the hottest social media ads at your disposal—including examples of fabulous ad campaigns you can emulate.
Four common advertising mistakes—skip this section and you’ll be wasting your precious time and money.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Traffic and Get More Leads?

The Internet is a vast, competitive landscape, and every day hundreds of new coaches and service providers hang out their virtual shingle. 

If you’re not taking steps the attract as much of the traffic as you can, then not only will your audience numbers flatline, but your sales will, too.

The good news is, traffic is easy! With a bit of consistency and a solid, proven plan to follow, you’ll soon be generating the traffic you need.

After this training you will know how to continually grow your audience, build a targeted, responsive mailing list, and make more sales!

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