Intuitive Coaches

Life coaching from coaches who have intuitive abilities and can provide intuitive guidance spanning a variety of areas

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Melissa Stamps Transformation & Design, LLC
Transform your home and office, and create a dynamic, harmonious and successful life. Creating Transformation through beautiful living and works spaces that support health, success and wealth.

Open Your 3rd Eye and Intuition to see your wealthy and multi-dimensional life. Awakening natural Intuitive talent for excellent life choices, success and wealth.


RoseAnn Janzen – Reveal Your Life
“Empowering you in Spirituality, Business, & Life, through Clarity, Confidence, & Connection.”

RoseAnn Janzen is a writer, Intuitive, artist, and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who helps Intuitive Entrepreneurs & Creatives become more in alignment, in Business and Life, with their Divine Self through her coaching and RYL Academy

Sondra Hoffman – Hoffman Consulting Group, LLC
“Invite Infinite Possibilities, Invite a Shift, Re-invent Your Life.”

Sondra is a Certified Life Coach through the Coach Training Alliance. She offers her coaching services to individuals, couples, nonprofit groups and businesses. Her clients are throughout the United States. Via telephone/Skype or Facetime sessions you can be located anywhere and therefore have the opportunity to be coached by her. Unleash the power of partnership with Sondra now. Find your passion. Unfurl confidence. Embrace change. Feel excited about your future.


Elisa Palma Hancock– Elisa Palma Hancock Coaching

“Guidance, healing and practical tools for a happier you.”

For me, everything started with the commitment I made to myself to become a happy person and to do something concrete to make it so: I found the answers to all those questions, and I changed what needed to be changed. For every and each woman I have helped so far, the crucial step has been the same.


Rosemary Graham – Coach Your Vision: The Life Awakening Coach
“It’s about time you took the plunge.”

Rosemary Graham has been an empathetic, resourceful, intuitive, creative coach for twelve years. Her unique energy methods work fast. Clients shift to much higher levels fast so that fresh insights are made.

Kate Brain

Kate Brain – Kate Brain Coaching

“Inspiration” “Transformation” “Success”

Kate’s main focus and mission is to assist and inspire individuals and business leaders to reach their full potential, and enhance all areas of their life.

Luz Jaramillo– Brain Body Coach, Inc.

“Heal your brain and body and Improve your Quality of Life.”

As a professionally trained and accomplished bilingual English and Spanish Social Worker, Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Master Practitioner, Health Coach, Brain Health Certified Coach and Dementia Care Specialist, Luz can provide the tools and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and deserve! Her mission is to improve the brain and body you deserved and reverse or prevent you from chronic diseases such as memory loss, diabetes, obesity, attention deficit disorder, overeater disorder, etc.