With Jeannette Koczela

If you are serious about meeting your business goals, you need a business coach to help you reach them.

I'm Jeannette Koczela, Founder of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches®, and my mission is to empower life coaches with the business skills and marketing strategies they need to create profitable, sustainable businesses.

Are you a life coach who is struggling to get clients and make your business profitable?

Have you taken a coach training program but need help turning your passion into a business?

Do you need to know what to do to market your business?

When you work with a business coach you will:

  • Expand your business quickly and confidently
  • Develop the business & lifestyle you really want
  • Feel confident and energized to make strategic decisions so you can move ahead
  • Get totally clear about how your business works and how to promote it

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We’ll be a good match to work together if:

  • You can invest in working on your business  without undue financial strain
  • You are serious about meeting your goals, and  are willing to make some changes
  • You can stick with one coach for a twelve month period of time
  • You want help promoting your business and monetizing it effectively
  • You appreciate honest, direct feedback and guidance from an expert

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“Jeannette is an amazing coach who brings a unique perspective to each session. She clearly identified what was holding me back and helped me move forward with effective tools, insights and encouragement. I had been putting off developing a product. I had a product that had never gotten out of the idea stage† and 3 months after I started working with Jeannette, the product was developed, finished and launched. I highly recommend her programs.” -Lynn Jordan, Writer

“Jeannette is a highly intuitive, authentic coach who has a gentle, yet laser like precision in uncovering my unique potential. Working with her is a truly uplifting and empowering experience.”  – Eleanor Ross, Coach/Intuitive Healer

“Jeannette defined the tools and techniques used in this program like a beacon of light.  She held my hand and supported me in a step-by-step proactive way, making it effortless for me to learn the techniques with ease and grace.   The ability in which Jeanette approached and organized the course materials was impressive and fun.  Thanks Jeannette!”   -Joy Sheehan, Healer & Coach

“If you are looking for a coach who will help you shift your energy, raise your vibration and transform your life, Jeannette is your ‘go to’ coach. She has helped me with several issues in the same way. If you want to learn how to manage your energy and create the life you truly want, I urge you to give Jeannette a call.” -Marilyn Hatch, Jeweler

“Having Jeannette Koczela as my life coach has been a great blessing to me and my business. Jeannette provides excellent, quality and professional services. Her personal attention and timely response is extraordinary. She helped me to re-organize my website with structured opt-in gifts; making it ready to attract the right and quality visitors. I am so confident now knowing that I am on the right path to success and I look forward to having more positive results. I will recommend Jeannette to any one who is committed to personal and business growth.” – Florence Karp, Prosperity Coach