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Linda DeCarlo
Linda DeCarlo
Linda DeCarlo Training & Coaching
319 East 24th Street, #20-E, New York City, NY 10010
Years in business:
coachng since 2009, training-over 25 years
Categories:General Life Coach, Law of Attraction, Personal Growth
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Niche:Busy women entrepreneurs and executives
Tagline:Joyful life and business success from the inside out.

Linda DeCarlo is Life/Business Empowerment Coach and Trainer who educates, supports and inspires entrepreneurial and executive women (and a few cool men!) to create extraordinary lives and work.  Linda is the creator of the Extraordinary Possibilities Success System™.  Through her coaching and training, clients learn to use both inner and outer success tools so they can move through tough challenges, negative beliefs and unproductive habits to achieve their most important personal and business goals with more joy and less stress. Linda is also an International Personal Development Trainer with over 25 years experience, a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Business Coach and a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach. 
Linda has conducted over 600 workshops to over 80,000 participants in 45 states, Canada, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean on topics such as Success Principles, Self-Esteem, Personal Power, Stress Solutions, Time/Self-Management and The Law of Attraction.   She has presented programs for a wide variety of corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions including Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Greater New York, The Bank of Montreal, The US Departments of the Army and Navy, Hoffman LaRoche, Ciba Geigy, PBS, Colgate University and CareerTrack Seminars.

In all, Linda has over 30 year’s business experience in the areas of Management, Customer Service, and Human Resources in Fortune 500 companies and as a Solo-Entrepreneur.

Extraordinary Possibilities Success System, Move Through Challenges Using EFT


Self-impowerement, success principles, Law of Attraction, self-esteem, stress, personal productivity, Emotional Freedom Technique


Law of Attraction Training Center preactitioner, Certified Marketing Soul Business Coach, and Certified Money Breakthrough coach through IAWBC


“Through Linda’s expert guidance, I now understand and celebrate the possibility of possibilities in both my life and my business.  In just 4 short months, I learned to set clear intentions for the things I truly wanted and to be relaxed about them. 

I am now enjoying a greatly improved financial situation, in fact my income increased by 250% percent!  In addition, I created a well received new product, received several orders from the Museum of Modern Art for one of my more unique products and was even able to afford to hire help.

Hiring help has given me more time for the more creative aspects of my business and more time for myself.  I started a home de-cluttering project, began redecorating, joined a Runner’s Club and am socializing and just enjoying my life so much more.  When challenges come up I am able to use the principles I’ve now learned to handle them with confidence and grace.

Linda taught me to celebrate my little daily accomplishments, which feels great, and has created a ripple effect of good things in all areas of my life.  In fact, I feel so abundant in my life and my business I have just booked a long postponed vacation.  I leave for Amsterdam and Paris in just 3 weeks!  I am so grateful to Linda for giving me the tools to create my ideal life.” ~Diana Rogers, Wonderthreads


“Before working with Linda DeCarlo, I felt overwhelmed in my business.  My To Do list seemed to be growing by the day and I really didn’t know what to focus on to help my business grow.  I was flitting from one thing to another and never feeling like I was accomplishing much.

After working with Linda for only one month I now have clear sense of direction.  She helped me make a huge shift in perception from working “in” my business to working “on” my business.  I now know exactly what I need to be doing, in what order, and I’m completing my tasks with much more focus and ease than I ever had before.  Because of this shift, I have also hired the help I need to free me from spending time on energy sapping tasks to those tasks that will help me reach my business goals.

It’s been less than a month since working with Linda, but my business is now growing at a faster pace than it was in the previous 12 months.  Plus, I’m not just attracting more clients; I’m attracting more of the kind of clients I want to work with.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed every day, I feel joy and newfound excitement with my business.  I would recommend Linda DeCarlo to anyone who wants to clarify their goals, grow their business and have fun while doing it.”
~Diane O’Connell, Editorial Director, Write To Sell Your Book, LLC

“I completed a series of sessions with Linda that lasted several months and I am 100% certain that my business has grown more quickly because of my work with her – and that this work has changed the trajectory of where we’re going. I found the results to be so impressive on an individual basis that I recently asked Linda to lead a workshop for the first ‘company retreat’ for my small business. She was able to quickly get across many of the same principles that I had been working on with her, and we were all able to immediately see an impact. We practiced some of the tools throughout the rest of the retreat and it was amazing to see how much of an impact they had in terms of keeping us focused, happy, and productive.

I have developed a number of positive habits and concrete tools that are helping me not only cope with the challenges of being a small business owner who is frequently on the road – but to actually enjoy the process.

Linda possesses the incredible combination of being extremely insightful, pragmatic, knowledgeable, supportive, and fun to talk to. So much about starting a business can seem overwhelming or scary, but Linda finds a way to break things down into manageable pieces and shift the focus towards what you really want and what’s already working. I am infinitely grateful for her help and look forward to working with her again and again!” ~Megan Brenn-White, Managing Director, The Brenn-White Group