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Linda Ocejo
Linda Ocejo
US Life Coaching, LLC
PO Box 361, Park Ridge, NJ 07656
Years in business:
since 2014

General Life Coach; Career Life Coach; Relationship Coach, Personal Growth Coach

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Niche: General Life Coach
Tagline: Helping clients cherish each day and live it to the fullest.

Linda L. Ocejo has been practicing in the field of mental health for many years. Linda holds an MA in Psychology, a BA in Psychology, and is a Certified Life Coach. Linda also holds the credential of Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. Additionally, Linda also holds a teacher’s certification in the State of New Jersey. Linda is an experienced practitioner who, throughout her lifetime, has always had a passion for helping people reach their particular goals and aspirations, whether in her professional life, or in her personal life with family and friends. Life Coaching enables Linda to work with clients who may need some extra support and insight/guidance relative to reaching their particular goals and/or aspirations.

     Linda assists and supports clients who may need an experienced practitioner relative to assisting them with processing/sorting out the details regarding an important event/situation in their lives. Linda Ocejo’s life coaching practice focuses on the balancing and integration of each client’s life, as well as the enhancement of the lives of her clients. US Life Coaching, LLC, Linda’s private practice, offers a collaborative/equal relationship between Linda and her clients.

     When assisting clients in reaching for their particular goals, Linda focuses on providing the direction and incentive that clients need in order to improve various aspects of their lives, including their relationships, careers, and their lives in general. She works with her clients in order to develop her clients’ overall abilities and strengths. Linda assists her clients in discovering their ambitions and skills, as well as overcoming any obstacles that may prevent her clients from achieving their goals. At US Life Coaching, LLC there is an alliance between the client and the coach where the relationship continuously gives all control back to the client.

       Linda Ocejo, a Certified Life Coach, assists her clients with personal projects, general transitions and condition which may be occurring in one’s personal life, professional life, or relationships, through examination of what is happening at the present time; discovering obstacles and/or challenges, and formulating an action course to make the lives of her clients what her clients want their lives to be. Linda assists clients in achieving specific goals through skill acquisition, which is a main focus of life coaching. Linda Ocejo assists her clients in realizing their potential and enables them to deal with the specific challenges that they may be faced with by helping her clients to form new beliefs, as well as to adopt new perspectives.

       Linda has extensive experience working with individual clients, as well as with their spouses/significant others/families in an effort to enable/assist each client to live the best life possible. Linda works with adults and all sessions are done via telephone and Skype.


Relationships and General Life Coaching, which encompasses all areas of a person’s life.



Linda holds an MA in Psychology, a BA in Psychology, and is a Certified Life Coach. Linda also holds the credential of Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. She also holds a teacher’s certification in the State of New Jersey. Linda has worked in the field of mental health for many years, and her passion lies in helping her clients reach their goals, and live the lives that they truly want to live.


“I have had the privilege of being a colleague of Linda Ocejo for many years in an outpatient mental health agency. Linda’s compassion for people, her genuine interest in the well-being of others, her professionalism, and her clinical wisdom and skills are truly inspiring. If you have the opportunity to work with Linda, you will undoubtedly find her to be a genuine blessing in your life.” – Allison S.


“Linda is a patient and insightful life coach who has helped me put my life on track. Linda helped me see past the negativity in my life and achieve my goals through the power of positive thinking, and taking active steps to achieve my goals. Linda has given me the life skills to keep negative people from influencing my life.” – P. J.


“If I were to seek out a life coach she would need the qualities of high moral character, one who loves and respects mankind and is capable of reaching out to help people, and one who possesses the credentials, life experiences and motivation to give to humanity. Mrs. Ocejo is an individual who fits that description. I know this because I have spent many years observing Mrs. Ocejo in the work environment and watched her response to the clients and theirs to her…. At all times, she was a professional who never forgot what she was there for and always worked to full capacity in an effort to better the lives of others. As a humanitarian she lives this philosophy with colleagues and people in general. She is a consummate example of a person who knows how to conduct her own life and is therefore my choice of a life coach. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation and reservation.” – Vivian D.


“Linda Ocejo is a kind, warm hearted human being with a great compassion for others. Her greatest gifts lie in those beautiful moments in which she listens to others and offers her warm thoughts and sage advice. She is devoted in her role as life coach, and finds her greatest pleasures in helping others lead healthier, more productive lives. Linda is a shining example of a talented professional who engages others in the most effective ways. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Linda Ocejo as your Life Coach.” – M.C.


“In all of the years that I have known Linda, I found her to be undeniably kind, considerate, and respectful. I have also experienced her in my life to be thoughtful, professional, and understanding. Over the many years that she has been practicing, she has an outstanding reputation and respect within the mental health community. Linda has extensive experience in dealing with complicated and/or challenging issues. For all of the years that I’ve known Linda, she has helped me reach all of my goals, and has influenced my life greatly in many ways. It has been an honor and a privilege to have Linda in my life.” – Renee B.


“After 18 years, teaching still has its ups and downs. There are days that can be overwhelming. Unstable home lives, state tests, and the ever changing rules of the profession are just a few stresses of being a teacher. I usually grab a cup of coffee and call Linda. Somehow, after venting, Linda shares insightful questions and picks out my strengths (that I forget about on a weekly basis). After chatting with her, I always walk away realizing my problems that were once complicated and overwhelming became sorted out and approachable. Linda is like my “pick me up.” I still call on those tough school days, but I make it a point to call on the good days as well…to say “I did it!” I highly recommend Linda. You won’t be disappointed! She really listens and cares about what you have to say!” – Stephanie M.