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Lynn Jordan
Lynn Jordan
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P.O. Box 793, Yachats, OR 97498
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since 2006
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Tagline: Empowering writers to use technology to write and promote better, easier, and faster.

After many years of working in Information Technology, founding the Computer User Support Department at the local community college, developing a computer user support course for the Computer Science program and teaching for several years, I’ve left the corporate world to devote time to my first love, writing. I still can’t get away from computers entirely. I answer questions, remove viruses from infected computers, and help my friends and fellow writers use the latest technology. This gives me the opportunity to investigate the latest technological developments and pass the information along. Can’t seem to get away from teaching. I decided to create a place on the web where I can help writers use technology to write and promote faster, better, and with less effort.

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Long-time member of RDA (Romance Writers of America)


“I recently interviewed Lynn Jordan for my Decisive Success Strategies series and was so impressed with what she is doing. As a former information technology professional who now writes fiction she is able to empower writers to use technology to write and promote better, faster, and easier. I highly recommend Lynn and as a speaker she shared so many valuable tips with my audience.” – Michele Scism

“I have worked with Lynn Jordan on several projects and she is an expert at writing and editing, as well as Internet technology. She is resourceful and can always come up with an answer to a problem. She has a knack for details and is full of insights and new ideas. I highly recommend her for any consulting needs.”
– Jeannette Koczela, Coach

“When I first began blogging over 3 years ago, the coaching I got from Lynn Jordan was the key to finding my voice.  I had a hard time putting my content out on the world wide web without an edit from Lynn.  I just didn’t have confidence until she gave me the thumbs up.

Quite a while back I was doing some edit of my earlier work to increase reader responsiveness and I had to laugh at some of those early efforts.  It made me realize what a good teacher Lynn really is.  She gives you just enough constructive criticism to keep you learning without discouraging you.  I’ve had many teachers and I think that is an art form.

When it comes to writing, Lynn Jordan is certainly a talented teacher that will keep you writing for the rest of your life.  After Lynn’s coaching, writing is a joy I crave!”

-Carrie Tucker
The Life Breath Coach