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924 Shaw Circle Melbourne FL 32940
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since 2010/lifetime
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Passion to Proift Making More Money in Less Time — Live Life to the Fullest


She’s been rich and she’s been poor; been married and divorced.  Raised two kids on her own.  Felt on top of the world and like she’d never get up.  As she evolved into a coach, she was a teacher, social worker, founder and CEO of Shearwater Cruises and Sailing School, Inc., congressional campaign manager, non-profit volunteer and organizer, yacht broker, real estate investor, and author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has known the satisfaction of success and despair of failure.

Along the way, she spent thousands chasing those shinny business opportunities that promise millions with little effort and presenters who tell you only the “What To Do” rather than the “How To Do It.”  

Marty mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to shatter obstacles and to living an enjoyable and satisfying life. Working with Marty, you will master the Principles of Taking Your Passion to Profit making more money in less time, to creating a balanced life and learn the Know-How for skyrocketing your business and personal success.


Concept To Cash in 60 Days or Less Group
Private Passion to Profit Business Coaching
Crash to Cash Intensive


Honest, direct, effective coaching that teaches people how to break through stumbling blocks, blast past procrastination, and grab hold of success. By discovering and using Talents, Abilities and Gifts and transforming negative beliefs into empowered action in the moment,  people are able to make more money in less time reaching more people and to live a satisfied and colorful life.


MSW, CSSW, lifetime of work with renowned health practioners and life coaches


“Working with Marty has been a turning point in my work. She helped me pinpoint the exact place that was holding me back, and then helped me release it in just 2 conversations. My business has expanded with double the clients since then, all because I’m no longer sabotaging my own efforts–one foot on the gas and another on the brake–as Marty says!” ~Rosey Dow The Prospect Profiler™

“Wow, Marty, what a fantastic VIP Day session! I feel like I have answers to questions I didn’t even know I had…but which were absolutely creating roadblocks to my business growth. I now know the WHY behind the obstacles I’ve been struggling to overcome and feel like I’ve been given a clear path to move forward in my business. It’s almost like someone turned the light on and I can finally SEE my path to success. Thank you, Marty, for your brilliant insights and unfailing support! – Tammi Metzler, Writers Associates

“My biggest challenge before working with Marty was not believing in myself and how, what to do next. My decision to work with Marty was at a women business meeting. She stood up and talked a little about what she does and at the moment, I knew I needed her.

“As a result of our VIP Half-Day Strategy Session, I decided to make a Million Dollars in a year. If I hadn’t made that commitment to myself, I would still be doing the every day nothing and not taken my business to the next level that it needed to be. Since then, I have put my peddle to the metal and moved into a whole different direction with this business.  As a result, I have had all kinds of good things happen to me and my business. I have had new people come into my life to help me get to where I need to be. What a great feeling to be blessed with new friends and exciting new projects happening. After I had made my commitment to myself and the business, I have felt so much better about myself and what needs to be done.

“I do believe if I had not taken these steps into a different direction, I will still be in the same spot I was two years ago. Same catalog orders and some web order, just a small no-body-knows-about-business.
If you feel that your business needs a boost or feed back on how to move forward into the next level, you need Marty. She will help you put your business into the next level and allowing good things to happen. I just know if it were not for Marty, and all the information she has given to help me live my dream, I would not be doing a infomercial for my product. Now, I am doing things I never thought were possible. By just committing to myself, I never thought what an impact this would make on my life.”
– Sherry Samuelson –  Inventor of Fun Stixs Garage Door Decorations

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