Masterclass: 5-12-16

The IAPLC Masterclass Thurs. May 12, 12-1 pm ET will be:

“Find Out What Is Stopping You From Getting What You Want”  
with Evakarin Wallin


Replay is no longer available.

Download her ebook: “Mindset-Your Key to Success” Here  

Can thinking positive be negative?
How can your fears be a leverage to getting what you want?
Why is it that some people succeed and others do not?


Evakarin Wallin Masterclass 5-12-16Join Evakarin Wallin for an informative class where you will learn:

  • What fear really is and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • How a belief can affect you negatively in ways you don´t understand.
  • How easy a limiting belief can be changed (no tapping involved).

You work hard to make your business grow, but you don´t get the result you’re striving for. You will learn the one thing you need to be able to create the success you want – and it is easy and effortless.


About Evakarin Wallin: 

Evakarin Wallin is a mindset coach, speaker, author and founder of Freedom Based Mindset, a technique that changes limitations into possibilities. She is in the forefront of research on how to use the subconscious mind to reprogram limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that allow you to manifest more easily and effortlessly.

She is the author of Boost Your Business With A Book and has had several of her articles published in Ascala Magazine and More Business Magazine.

Her research led her to create Freedom Based Mindset – a technique that literally release fears and limitations instantly.She has to this date helped several hundreds of people with this process and have had more than 50 people to learn it within the first year of teaching it.

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