Get Those ‘Good Vibes’ With This Fun & Colorful...

Good Vibes Planner & Journal

Good Vibes Planner/Journal 

This bright and colorful combo will save you time and money and you won’t have to be looking for two different items when you want to use them. 

The planner has all the most important pages including meal planning, goal planning, habits, self-care, health trackers, to-do lists, and gratitude lists. Create good vibes for yourself as you plan and journal your day!

Also included is a 101 Journal Prompts workbook. 

Order your copy TODAY!  You Pay Only $17 ($97 value)

This planner has some really fun and interesting printable page templates. 

Good Vibes Pages 1
Good Vibes Pages 2

The Good Vibes Planner comes with the following pages: 

• Daily Schedule        • Daily Tasks               • Work Tasks

• Weekly Planner        Weekly Schedule     • Monthly Calendar

• Monthly Tasks         • Monthly Planner     • Meal Planner

• Grocery List.             • Weekly Meals.           Daily Meals

• Goals Page                Goal Planner              Daily Habits

• Weekly Habits.         Monthly Habits.        Self-Care

• Health Tracker.        • Weight Tracker        To-Do List

• Shopping List.         • Gratitude List           Notes

Shannon Tressel

"Wow, Jeannette has shown that she has seriously 'done her homework' about what life coaches need. She has created and provided so many resources, tips and tools, it’s amazing!” 

Shannon Tressel

Get the combination Planner and Journal...PLUS 101 Journal Prompts For Only $17

Good Vibes Planner/ Journal duo

Get the Printed Paperback Version here

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