“7 Ways to Get More Sales from Your Existing Sales Pages"

If you want to get better sales conversions but can't figure out how to improve them, this is a training that shows you seven ways to analyze your exiting sales page(s) so you can tweak it to invite maximum response and engagement and get better results. This training comes with a workbook, worksheet, and checklist. PLUS..2 bonuses: a calendar to schedule your changes, and a resource directory with extra support materials. To find out more CLICK HERE.

“Simple & Fun Goal Setting Strategies: To Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever!"

A comprehensive planner designed to make goal-setting easy and fun. But it’s much more than just getting you to set some goals. It gives you proven techniques for setting BIG goals you’ll actually achieve. This package comes with a worksheet and checklist to help you get the most out of the program. Implement the strategies, and you can't fail to achieve your goals! To find out more CLICK HERE.

"Your Cash Calendar: 12 Month Marketing & Profit Plan"

Every coach or consultant should have a long-term plan to ensure that you stay in business long enough to help all your future clients. Map out your cash/profit plan for the next 12 months in the next 7 days with this comprehensive planner/workbook. To find out more CLICK HERE.

"GET MORE REFERRALS: How To Get An Abundance Of Client Referrals That Keep Your Calendar Full"

Learn how to establish a reputation that will grow your waiting list, create a steadier income, and keep your calendar full of clients. To find out more CLICK HERE.

"The Product Creation Planner"

Creating passive income products is one of the best ways to skyrocket income! This handy planner will guide you through the process of creating a product that you can either use as a digital product you can sell and get some passive income for, or give away as a freebie. To find out more CLICK HERE.

"The Private Coaching Program Planner"

Every coach or consultant should have a system that takes your clients through, to get them the results you promise.  Your system can be packaged into a program that you offer to your private coaching clients. This planner walks you through the essential steps to turn your proven system into a sellable product. To find out more CLICK HERE.

"High Converting Email Writing Masterclass"

What percentage of your emails are actually getting opened? If it’s below 50%, something is wrong. Why they aren’t getting open? In all likelihood, it’s your copy. Creating an effective and impactful copy for your emails is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. It may seem intimidating at first, but it's really quite simple to do. This 4-part course will show you exactly what you need to do to create emails that covert into paying customers.   To find out more CLICK HERE.

"Get More Subscribers: How to Get Your Next 1000 Subscribers For Free"

Email marketing has been a part of business since the early days of the Internet and it’s been proven to be an effective way to reach out to your customers. In fact, the return on investment of your email marketing is one of the highest in terms of marketing.

What if you could get your next 1000 subscribers without spending money on ads, software, or a lead generator agent? This 4-module course will help you do just that. To find out more CLICK HERE.

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