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“You CAN Make a Living Following Your Bliss!” with Jeannette Koczela Interview on VoiceAmerica Radio
Recorded May 8, 2013, Hosted by Deborah Jane Wells

Are you convinced that earning a living and following your passion are mutually exclusive? What if you’re mistaken? What if fulfillment and joy in life flow from being fully authentic, beginning with recognizing, respecting and expressing your most deeply held values and talents? Join me for an exhilarating episode with my guest, Jeannette Koczela–artist, author, spiritual life coach and founder of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™.

Learn how she went from a starving artist, past a series of failed business ventures, to a career and lifestyle that she never dreamed possible. Her life journey is an inspiring example of how knowing what you want and realizing that your biggest blocks are not external but internal–your own fear-based limiting beliefs–can help you transform your life into one you love living. When you embrace and leverage your unique talents and passions, you allow transformation to come in unexpected ways that support your direction.

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