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Richard Chan
Richard Chan
I Dare To Be Me
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12 Kinlock Avenue, Murrumbeena, Victoria, 3163 
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since 2017
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Professionals who have lost contribution and now are just working for their next pay cheque, their values have diverged from those of their workplace and are now either looking to reconnect or have the courage to persue a new path.

Tagline:“Dare you to be you, the best that you can be.”



We all seem to be a mixed bag these days.  I am Richard, I originated from Malaysia, but am basically a Brit at heart, having spent the majority of my life there. Isabelle originated from Portugal, but is a South African. We came to Australia in 2010 to start a family and Alexa is now the main part of our life.

I have worked in the IT industry in the UK for over 25 years, a route a lot of people have followed. The mortgage was paid, had a good social life, nice car, everything was comfortable. I was stuck !

One day I realised that I needed more, A FAMILY, we were travelling around the country for work, literally not spending a night in the same bed for vast majority of the week. We sold up and moved to Melbourne, Australia and shortly after we had a daughter, this in itself involved a lot of struggles and expense that I won’t cover here, but know I have a beautiful, strong, caring partner and a gorgeous bundle of potential in a daughter that I know is going to do great things with her life.


Another day, I realised that I needed more MY DREAM I was trading my time for someone else’s money and more importantly sacrificing my dream for theirs. I resigned and started my own business, I didn’t know anything about sales or marketing but I was in a situation where this is what I needed to do. I pounded the streets, made lots of calls and got those leads, despite earning less money than I was on previously. I felt that I was living my life under my own terms and now owned my time rather than giving it to someone else. Unfortunately the company didn’t succeed, however I don’t see this as a failure, I learned a great deal about myself and where I wanted to go.


In summary I put myself in a position where success is the only way out, failure is not an option. What you think about will materialise in your life, if you think about hardship and failure then what do you think will materialise ?



8 week programme covering each segment of the wheel of life to bring balance and a clearing of the crap.



Honest, direct, effective coaching that teaches people how to break through stumbling blocks, blast past procrastination, and grab hold of success. My style is using empathy and soft questioning to give my clients the opportunity to step out of themselves and revaluate their issues, come up with a wow moment and determine their next steps.

Currently studying at The Life Coach College, Melbourne, Australia, also been on training at the Coaching Institute, Melbourne


“I wanted to give a massive shout out to Richard! I recently had a 1:1 coaching session with him regarding some blocks I had around money. Richard was able to quickly and effortlessly help me get to the root of the problem and help me work on shifting some old beliefs I had around money. He is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful coach and I am extremely grateful that I decided to work with him. Since our session I have continued working on my money blocks using the strategies Richard has passed onto me. I highly recommend Richard and his ability, he is efficient also inspired me to take action well after our coaching session had finished.” – Leander Knight:


“Many thanks for our session last month.  I must say that never having done a counselling session specifically around my own on-going  career aspirations I did not know what to expect.  I found the session most enlightening and particularly so in that it made me see things from a different perspective.  I found you very intuitive, therefore able to ‘draw me out’ on some of the points I raised.  I also like the way you listen first and ask questions later (so to speak) and by doing so I think it actually also helped me to come to some realisations on my own. You are very easy to speak to, without being intrusive, and I also found your advice on dealing with “corporates”   most helpful.

“I certainly hope you continue on your journey in the counselling field because I think you have a lot to give and there is certainly a great need in our community.” – Caterina Todarello


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