Want to turn more leads into sales?

A good sales funnel can take someone who hears about you and thinks "that's cool" into a customer and then a repeat customer, and then a raving fan who tells everyone they know about you. 

Whether that person finds you through an interview, a webinar, a Facebook ad, a video on YouTube, or a blog post, your goal is to have funnels in place to offer him or her the chance to become a customer (and buy your awesome stuff!)

Ask any marketing professional and they’ll tell you it’s far more expensive to convert a new customer than to increase the value of an existing client.

person at computer making a sales funnel

Here’s something else the most successful business owners know: 

The customer who has purchased recently is much more likely to purchase again—even if “recently” was only 10 minutes ago. 

That’s why upsells and downsells are so prevalent in every purchasing flow. And that’s exactly what a sales funnel is designed to do! 

The best sales funnels lead naturally from one product to the next, just as your free funnels lead from low-commitment to increasingly higher commitment offers. The main difference is that free funnels end when a sale is made. In a sales funnel, the goal is to create more sales from a single client, thereby increasing the average value of every single sale....here's an easy way to create your own sales funnel:


Sales Funnel Planner

"The Coach's Sales Funnel Planner"

Learn How to…

  • Inventory and categorize your products
  • Fill in the gaps with upsells and downsells
  • Create cross-sells and special offers
  • Develop behavior-based follow-up sequences

This high-quality-designed planner is creating from real life experiences of long-time digital marketers.

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Ragini Michaels

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