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Jan 18

Guest Post: How to Make Great Decisions with No Regret

By Rawa Alagha   You need to escape a maze that has 3 exit doors. Behind each, there’s a hazard but you need to go through one only to escape. The first has cutting lasers everywhere. The second has 3 deadly assassins, and the final has a hungry lion that hasn’t eaten in 3 months. …

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Nov 30

Guest Post: Emotions

By Richard Chan Emotions are owned by you they are not caused by an outside event as a lot of people believe. For example being cut up by a car, if there are two of you in the car one of you could express anger at the driver that just cut you up, whereas the …

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Jun 02

Guest Post: “Anger”

“Anger”  By Linda Ocejo, MA, CPRP, CLC. Is the emotion of anger normal and/or healthy? How can anger be controlled, or properly dealt with on a daily basis? It is very important that we all understand that the emotion of anger is perfectly normal and healthy. We all feel angry at times for a variety of reasons. …

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