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A SOARing Experience

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our lives soar.” – Heather Dominick’s SOAR event I had some resistance to attending my coach’s live event this month.  I guess it was a combination of not wanting to spend any more money on traveling and not wanting to spend any …

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Time OFF Your Business Is Just As Important As Time ON

Last blog post we talked about working on your business versus working in your business.  This post I want to talk to you about not working on your business at all.  That’s right, I want to address “time off.” The one thing we are thrilled to have as a benefit of being an entrepreneur is …

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Are You Working ON Your Business or IN Your Business?

Up until recently, I wasn’t clear on the difference between “working on” my business and “working in” my business. Nor did I understand why that was important, especially for service-based businesses. Knowing what is small business also helped. It’s important to know so you can plan your daily business activities more effectively. During your business …

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