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Nov 30

Guest Post: Emotions

By Richard Chan Emotions are owned by you they are not caused by an outside event as a lot of people believe. For example being cut up by a car, if there are two of you in the car one of you could express anger at the driver that just cut you up, whereas the …

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Sep 14

Guest Post: Marketing With the Help of the Brain

By Dr Simone Ravicz Consumer Neuroscience: Marketing With the Help of the Brain The application of neuroscience, or the study of the nervous system and the brain, is springboarding from the realm of research and medicine to many other areas, from economics (neuroeconomics) to marketing (consumer neuroscience). While it might just all sound too far-fetched …

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Sep 01

Guest Post: The Power of Curiosity

By Laurenne Di Salvo Curiosity is a wonderful thing, and not just because it piques your interest about something new, allowing you to learn and grow. Curiosity is also a key pathway to wellbeing, in large part because it fosters a mindful approach. Let me explain. Curiosity helps us suspend judgement – If we’re curious …

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Jul 02

Guest Post: “The CULT of Busy”

By Eliza Pathak Gogoi  The experience of not doing helped me better understand what I actually wanted to do in my life. Doing less can actually pave the path to experiencing more—more satisfaction, more ease, and even more effectiveness. When we wrap our days around thethings we have to do we leave very little time for …

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