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Always Ask for the Sale

Be Confident in Your Business and Always Ask for the Sale Let’s be clear: you’re in business to earn money. Yes, you want to help others as well, but you want to make a profit with your business,  right? In order to make a profit, you need to sell your products and services. But is …

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3 Sales Tips for Reluctant Sales People

Would it come as a surprise to you if I said we’re all sales people? It’s true. Every time you have a prospective client on a discovery call, you’re making a sales pitch. Every time you send an email or write a blog post with an offer, you’re making a sales pitch. Every time you …

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Should A Coach Hire A Sales Person?

Recently there was a lengthy discussion on LinkedIn where coaches were giving their view on whether or not they should hire a sales person. The following is an expansion of my contribution to that discussion. Every coach needs to become good at sales. In fact as a coach, “sales” is the business skill you should …

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