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Video Tip: Live Events

Do you go to live events? I try to go to at least two a year.  They are such great places to meet new contacts.  Here’s what happened at the last one I attended. What live events are you scheduling for 2017?  Leave your comment below.

If you think you can’t, think again

If you think you can’t, think again. I know you’ve probably heard of many cases where people have overcome what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles. But I was recently at an awards banquet in our small Iowa town and one of the award recipients was someone I had never met, but who impressed me just …

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Masterclass 3-10-16

How to Overcome the 3 Hidden Barriers That Stop Coaches From Enrolling High-Ticket Clients with Angela Artemis

The IAPLC Masterclass Thurs. March 10, 12-1 pm ET will be: “How to Overcome the 3 Hidden Barriers That Stop Coaches From Enrolling High-Ticket Clients”  with Angela Artemis Gift: Free Ebook: “Less Worry, More Clients, More Money” Want to Know Which of the 3 Barriers is Stopping You in Your Tracks from Getting More Clients …

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Video Tip: LinkedIn New Rules

All the social media sites make changes in their rules and you need to know what they are so you don’t violate them, and get kicked out. Here are the two new changes in rules for LinkedIn. Get your copy of my new free report, “How Solopreneurs Can Get 30-60 High-Quality Leads a Month Without …

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Video Tip: 5 Tips for Finding Content Ideas

Do you sometimes run out of content ideas? I know I do.  Sometimes it really takes a lot of time and thought to come up with a topic that will hold the interest of your audience. And if you’re posting every week, this can stress you out if you’re not prepared. Content marketing is an …

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What Problems Do You Solve?

Here is the third video tip about how to clarify your target market.  Stop going by demographics and use this to define your target and niche.  What problems do you solve for your clients? Let me know in the comments below. Missed the first two tips?  Here’s the links: #1: Is it Time for a …

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Video Tip Lesson from Mars

Here’s a business lesson I learned from the probe “Curiosity” that landed on Mars in 2012.  What do you think about this?   Watch Nasa’s “7 Minutes of Terror” here. 

Video Tip: Create an Operations Manual

The best businesses run well because of systems. How do they get their systems? They document daily procedures and update them as needed. The documentation can be called an operations manual. Here’s a simple way to make one.

IAPLC telesummit Starts March 15

Are you ready to break through to your next level of influence, impact and income, but have no idea how?  Get ready to discover how life coaching has dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of people just like you, in a FREE telesummit, “How Life Coaching Changes Lives,” sponsored by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™. …

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Video Tip: Newsletter Planner

Do you send out a regular newsletter? Do you wish you had the time to send out a regular newsletter? Do you feel like your newsletter could be better organized?  Here’s a video tip that shows you how save a lot of time by using a newsletter planner. And you can download my newsletter planner templates …

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