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Masterclass: How to Attract High Paying VIP Clients

Are you fed up with clients who don’t appreciate what you do and want to pay virtually nothing for your services? Do you want to play a much bigger game and attract those clients who appreciate you and are delighted to pay you what you’re worth? And most importantly where do you find those clients …

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Should A Coach Hire A Sales Person?

Recently there was a lengthy discussion on LinkedIn where coaches were giving their view on whether or not they should hire a sales person. The following is an expansion of my contribution to that discussion. Every coach needs to become good at sales. In fact as a coach, “sales” is the business skill you should …

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Video: Recession-Proof Yourself

Did your business suffer during the last recession? Do you find that your income decreases during a market downturn? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  What this video to find out how to make yourself recession-proof.

Guest Post: How to Use LinkedIn for Business

“How to Use LinkedIn for Business: 6 Fast, Easy Ways to Attract a Flood of New Clients!” By Guest Blogger, Yoon Cannon If you’re struggling to attract more clients it’s time to consider new ways to market yourself. LinkedIn is one of my favorite “new” marketing strategies. Although LinkedIn first launched in 2003, for many …

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Your Holiday Sales

The holidays are upon us—are you ready for them?  I mean is your business ready? Yes, you can do a lot during the holidays in your business. You may be tempted to slack off in December because you assume most people are too busy to pay attention to any promotions or holiday sales. And besides, …

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New Video: Fearless Marketing

No matter what your product is, as a business owner, you need to market. You may be a coach who feels uncomfortable about marketing because you don’t want to sound “salesy” or you think you are no good at “sales.” But there is a way to engage in marketing where you can be the real you and feel …

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Guest Post: Building Your Visibility and Authority

“Building Your Visibility and Authority in three simple steps” by Guest Blogger, Annemarie Cross (Note from Jeannette Koczela: I found this article to be so valuable that I wanted to use it as a guest post.) Building visibility so you become a well respected and trusted authority in your field is something every ambitious entrepreneur should be …

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Masterclass: Using Color In Your Business

As an Impressionist painter, I know how important color is in our lives and using color in your business is even more important. So I was especially excited to meet this month’s masterclass teacher, who wrote a book, “Colors for Life: A Workbook,” on how color affects you and how to use it in your …

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IAPLC Masterclass: “Finding Your Product Within”

A common denominator among coaches is a passion, desire, or longing to reach, teach, inspire and support more people beyond 1 to 1 coaching. There is valuable information inside you, but how do you find and capture it and ultimately turn it into an array of products to increase your outreach and income while working …

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New Video: Increase Your Coaching Income

When I started my coaching business, if someone had told me that I had to either make a video or get up in front of my friends and make a fool of myself, I would have chosen the latter. That’s how opposed I was to the idea.  Several years into my business I made a …

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