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Attending Live Events

Online marketing is always changing, and it’s important to keep up with what’s going on. So, last week I attended a live weekend event (in L.A.) on marketing skills. After attending so many online things, it was nice to attend an event with actual people sitting in an actual crowd. It was good to see …

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Video Tip on Procrastination

Here’s a new video tip with a different take on the subject of procrastination. Listen to how Robert Allen shows us how to use procrastination as a success strategy.  

From Not Enough to Flourishing: Free teleclass

Did you know that the more confidence you have in yourself, your service, and in running your business, the easier it will be to grow your email list, create credibility, easily attract clients, and increase your income? In my work with life coaches I have found that underneath their lack of a steady stream of clients …

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