Testimonials by some of our Members


“I am loving the membership. The tools and resources available are just so simple but thorough  and easily accessible. I have purchased 2 products so far and have even taken you up on the advice of following up one task at a time. 

The AD on Facebook is everything! I hadn’t even realized it until I got a LEAD….YES! 

Your platform is pretty amazing – Much appreciation from the Coach who is starting out and wanting to stay realistic with the coaching world and work and achieve accordingly.”
– Kisha Woods, https://www.upgradedmindsetz.life


“Every time I attend one of your sessions, I always come away with a head full of amazement of you and your talents, and your ability to put all of this together authentically.  You make it sound so simple and yet I know it’s not—just awesome, awesome, awesome talent! The tools you provide are truly so helpful.”
– Diane Schaffer, https://linkedin.com/in/dianeschaffermed


“The coaching calls encourage me to keep trying and it gives me some hope. I feel better when I get through the program. There’s just so much I don’t know and I’m encouraged when I come to these sessions.”
– Leonard Campbell, https://twecc.org/   



“When Jeannette invited me to serve on her Board of Advisors early on, I said a resounding ‘YES’ to the opportunity to collaborate with a top-notch professional dedicated to helping coaches be the best they can be. Years later, I am still touched and astounded every day by the powerful results coaches all over the world experience from the ongoing investment Jeannette makes in them through the IAPLC programs and services she offers.”
~ Deborah Jane Wells, author of Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!


Deb Gilroy
“I have been so impressed with many aspects of IAPLC since I joined a year ago!  First, the organization founder, Jeannette, has made being a member of this organization a pleasure.  But beyond that, the IAPLC offers so many opportunities to its members to grow and expand, including a compilation book, active and helpful forums, masterminds and trainings (plus much more!)  I recommend the IAPLC to coaches who want to belong to an organization that really focuses on meeting its members’ needs and helping members grow their businesses.  Thank you Jeannette and colleagues!
~ Deb Gilroy, Retired Copywriter Coach


Anthony Nicotera
“After speaking with Jeannette and learning more about her commitment not only to her own coaching clients and practice, but also to helping others via founding an international association of professional life coaches, I was deeply impressed. As a fellow Coach, I have decided to join the Association; Jeannette has provided us with a wonderful educational and professional development venue/service as well as a tremendous networking opportunity. I am deeply grateful to her for her vision and leadership.”
~ Anthony Nicotera, Executive and Spiritual Coach, www.NicoteraConsulting.com


Lynn Jordan

“The International Association of Professional Life Coaches is a wonderful, supportive group. Not only do you get visibility that you wouldn’t get otherwise, you get training, support, and brainstorming with your peers. The directory is a great way to let clients find you, get referrals from fellow members, and take your business to the next level. The membership value far exceeds the investment.”
~ Lynn Jordan, www.authorstoolsblog.com


EG Sebastian
“I’m honored to be part of Jeannette’s association: the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. It’s great to be part of a community of like-minded professionals. I recommend the association to all coaches!”
~ E.G. Sebastian
Author | Speaker | Client Attraction & Retention Specialist, EGSebastian.com, YouthPresentations.com, CommunicationSkillsMagic.com, myOnlineMarketingToolbox.com, MyClientAttractionAcademy.com


Angela Goodeve

“My Membership with the International Association of Professional Life Coaches has been one of the best connections I have made in my career as a Life Coach to date!  The opportunity to collaborate on the compilation book on Transformation, and my corresponding participation in the related Telesummit, has given me confidence in my business, and myself as an individual.  

The one-on-one support and hard work of the Association’s Founder, Jeannette Koczela, is appreciated, and it is great to be connected with Fellow Members in the Facebook forum.  I look forward to further participation and collaboration with the Association, and it’s Members!”
~ Angela Goodeve, www.life-coaching-advice-withang.com


Estra Roell

“I truly enjoy my membership in the IAPLC™.  The other coaches are superb, and I’m proud to be associated with them.  It’s a great place to get to know other coaches and develop relationships that lead to cross promotions and joint ventures.  Jeannette is constantly thinking of new ways to help promote the coaches in the association.  

One recent venture was a collaboration on a book about transformation, a great way to become a published author without having to write an entire book.  We also participated in a telesummit, which was also wonderful exposure and produced a great product.  My google analytics show people coming to my website from my page in the association. Being a member of this group of fine professional coaches and participating in the projects Jeannette offers adds credibility to positioning myself as an expert in my niche.” 
~ Estra Roell, LOACC, America’s Life Purpose Coach™ www.AmericasLifePurposeCoach.com


“I’m so very blessed to have joined your organization. I truly didn’t know which way to begin, but with your guidance, I have clear direction. I have no doubt that my success will be largely because of what I am learning through the business blueprint. I’m so excited!!!!”  

~ Vicki Baker, https://createbeyondcoaching.com



“This has been one of the best organizations that I have joined.  I really love working with you and others within this group.”

– Denise Hansard, www.denisehansard.com


Veronica Hislop

“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s regular trainings  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful.”

– Veronica Hislop, Em-Powered-Solutions.ca


“I’ve found the IAPLC to be an amazing place with so much to offer it’s members. It’s been such a joy participating in IAPLC’s first compilation book and I love the opportunities to mastermind with other like-minded souls. Collectively, we are a powerful force and making big things happen in the world. That powerful force is due to being an active member of this amazing organization. More than that, I highly respect and appreciate the organization’s founder and leader, Jeannette Koczela, who brings so much support and so many opportunities to the members. If you’re serious about growing your business and masterminding to powerful success with like-minded brilliant spirits, this organization is the perfect place and something I highly recommend joining.”
~ Nachhi Randhawa, Business Goddess & Spiritual Money Mentor, www.YourDivineWealth.com  


Susan Hakiman

“I had been thinking about whether or not to renew my monthly networking group membership, which is $200 per year when I realized that…
…they don’t offer any speaking opportunities,
…they don’t offer any opportunities for becoming an author,
…they don’t offer any classes that teach me business skills,
…they don’t give me any business tools to help me with my business,
…they don’t offer a community to interact with and exchange ideas and resources with
…and for the same amount of money, I get all of those things and more with the IAPLC.  Joining your association is a no-brainer.  You offer more value than anything else out there.  However, one of the biggest benefits I receive, especially since my coaching business is a little off the beaten path, is understanding and support.” 

~ Susan Hakiman, www.thelifeweaver.com


“It’s been a great 12 months hanging out with you by phone and every month I can count on an email with some meat—I’m going to call it meat, because there’s no fluff in your program, Jeannette. The Life Coach Business Blueprint has been very motivational for me. On our coaching calls, we get to talk about what didn’t I understand, and you pin me down to one action step in at least one of those areas covered in the module. You have so much technical knowledge. A lot of us get stuck and we procrastinate because it’s just too hard and we don’t have the expert with us. But you are an expert in so many areas. For example, you worked with me until I got my opt-in button on my website, and as a result, I got more opt-ins and was able to start growing my list and see the fruits of it. 

Another area you helped me with was marketing my book. I wrote my first book a while back and once it was published, it just sat in the box, and I didn’t know how to get it to people to sell it. You helped me by giving me a whole bunch of ways to get that book known, and I even recently did my first book-signing. Twenty people bought my book and the little bookstore said it was their second most purchased book from a book-signing ever. Thank-you for all you have helped me in my life.” ~ Paul Casey, www.paulcasey.org


Ragini Michaels


“You are a great example of how to serve your audience on a consistent basis.  Thanks for what you do.”

– Ragini Michaels, www.ToHelpYouHelpOthers.com


“Before I came to Jeannette, I wasn’t sure that I was making the right decisions about my business, working with the right people, and I was ready to throw up my hands and quit because my business had become so overwhelming. After 6 weeks of working with Jeannette, I’m back on track. I have the right people to work with, I’m excited to be able to keep my doors open, and everything looks brighter! Thanks to Jeannette.” 

~ Kim Gray, CEO, Nat’l Assoc. of Virtual Assistants for Coaches, navacoaches.com and My First Coaching Client, myfirstcoachingclient.com


Beth Williams

“You get so much for membership, it can be a bit overwhelming. Jeannette is so helpful one-on-one as well as with the groups. Loaded with practical tips and tools to help you succeed, and the members share their own experiences too. If you’re feeling isolated in your coaching practice, this is also a great way to connect with others.” – Beth Williams, www.yourflourishinglife.com


Don Morgan

“I think the help you offer is the best deal going for coaches.  Thanks for the quality work you do and the way you help others.”

– Don Morgan. www.positivityacademy.com


Sandra Hill


Jeannette is a coach who works with her clients to help them build the best coaching business they want to have.  She constantly provides tips, videos and other tools that give those who need step-by-step instruction.  She  also makes herself available to those requiring one-on-one support also.  She is patient yet diligent.  For those individuals who need the 411 on establishing a coaching business in any niche, Jeannette is a great go-to person to talk with. Jeannette, I cannot say it enough, I REALLY appreciate all that you do for us IAPLC members.   
– Sandra Hill,  NewHorizenCoaching.com


Jane Matanga


“When I left my very comfortable world in corporate America to start my own coaching business, I was beyond happy! I finally had the courage to take the plunge and finally, I thought I would be able to live my dream and passions. I loved what I was doing but I was working a lot of hours trying lots of different strategies but not being successful at building up my practice.

It’s one thing to take a leap of faith and do what you love but being successful at running your own business takes more than passion. It takes business savvy, technical, marketing skills and a really good business strategy to become a successful solo entrepreneur! I was working really hard at it, but I was struggling to get more clients and build up my practice.

I am so fortunate that I met Jeannette!! Jeannette has business savvy because she built her own successful practice. Jeannette’s mentorship has made all the difference to me and has played an essential role in the growth of my coaching business.

Jeannette provides her clients with unique solutions and uses the same strategies that helped her own business thrive. She uses proven tactics, step-by-step guidance and examples so you will learn how to build authority and grow your list, and boost your revenue.

Jeannette has a winning mindset. She leads you to create a solid marketing foundation and she helps you nurture long lasting business relationships, tap into your network connections to land your ideal client and much more.

I really enjoy working with Jeannette! She is always available to help you with anything that you need.

Let her show you exactly how to build your business so you can take your services to the next level.”

-Jane Matanga, Enlightened-Path.com


“I am so glad that I was led to the International Association of Professional Life Coaches.  I love the Magnetize Your Ideal Client Meditation Audio.  It’s been only two weeks since I implemented my 30-Day Action Guide and I’ve already received one new coaching client and a speaking engagement!  How awesome is that?  My inner guidance is in full effect and I can’t wait for new miracles and wonders on this journey.  Thanks for all that you do Jeannette.” ~ Dora Carpenter, www.doracarpenter.com


“I am thrilled to be joining IAPLC. Your email in my inbox, came at the perfect time! I have already used the ‘magnetizing your ideal clients’ activation and had wonderful results drawing the people/clients I want into my life. So many thanks for this. I’m sure I will use the activation many times. I will also work my way through all the other wonderful things you have to offer. I look forward to being part of the group!”
~ Kind regards, Dimitie Kendall,   www.dimitiekendall.com


“This is so great. I feel energy just seeing this e-mail. I listened to the audio on how to attract clients, wow, it resonated with me so well. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to boost my confidence and to reassure me that clients will come to me. Great approach! Looking forward to the newsletters.”  
~ Catherine Lamarche, www.CDLlifecoaching.com


“I’ve been following Jeannette and the IAPLC for several months. I’ve participated in several of the Masterclasses her association has offered and I have viewed most of the videos, blog posts and other articles she has produced. I recently became a Gold Member based on Jeannette’s dedication to her members and clients. Getting to know her better through private conversation and following her body of work has enabled me to gain an appreciation of her professional knowledge and skills. I am proud to be associated with Jeannette and the IAPLC, and I think all types of professional life coaches can benefit through her association as well as her private coaching practice.”  ~ Randy Tudor, www.TudorCoaching.com


“Wow, Jeannette has shown that she has seriously “done her homework” about what life coaches need. She has created and provided so many resources, tips and tools at IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches) it is amazing! Upon finding it, I immediately signed up for her complimentary Bronze level membership and can’t wait to dive into everything that comes with that. I am sure it won’t be long before I upgrade to one of the other levels she offers. When I find something good, I stick with it! Thanks, Jeannette. You rock!”  – Shannon Tressel,  www.tresselventures.com


“I used the Badge Code in my website.  I think it helped to give me credibility because I was recently nominated for The Rule Breaker Awards.  I don’t know if I am going to win.  But, it felt so good to be nominated for something after living in obscurity for so long.  Your website is a gift from Heaven and I plan on learning a lot from it and from you.  Thank you for all of your help so far. I know coaches will benefit from the tools you sent me, and I will send the coaches on to you for membership.” 
~ Blessings, Frances   www.mycyberlibrary.biz 


“Jeannette’s eBook “How to Make an eBook in an Hour,” was the kick in the britches that I needed to pull pages off my web site and band together as a eBook. Also, a children’s trilogy about an “Eagle and a Caterpillar” will be self-published soon. She made making an eBook doable.” 
~ Lee Arlington, www.yournextstep.us


“I love, love, love all the information that you have provided! I paid someone to create an ebook for me and now I see that it is really a simple project that I can do myself. I look forward to using the IAPLC logo on my website. Thank you for your leadership and your guidance!”
~ Cynthia White Greene, MHR, www.marriagebuilt2last.com 


“I think that what you have offered here is of great benefit to coaches both old and new. I think it gives a real positive entrance into professional associations and then allows an open door for that interest in the gold membership. Thank you for running such an excellent association.”
~ Best regards, Estaban Bridges, estabanbridges.co


“Thank you for taking the time to touch base with me. I have not had a chance to review all of the material yet, but have used the 30-Day Action Guide. It was very helpful in reminding me to set more realistic goals. When I started the company, I wanted to do everything all at once and had unrealistic expectations.  Now, I am able to slow down and remain focused.  I am more satisfied with the quality of my work, rather than the quantity. I provide coaching services online and in the Greater Austin, Texas Area, specializing in Special Needs Life Coaching and serving the military community. I have worked with clients with a wide-range of disabilities for over 15 years. Thank you.” ~ Miri S. Himes, MS,  www.pathtoenrichment.org


“I have gone over the tools you have provided and found them very helpful in invoking a belief in myself and my business. Although I haven’t seen the money yet, I know it is coming.  I say this ‘I am just five feet from gold.’  I won’t give up. Thank you and have a FABULOUS  day!”
~ Mike Lindblom,  www.mikecareslifecoaching.ca


“Thank you so much for your continuous support and excellent resources. Being a member of IAPLC is truly an honor and a joy! Your article, “How to Create a Thriving-Business Mindset,” was excellent and very apt. I am fairly new in the coaching business and the advice was well received. In fact, I shared the concepts of creating intention using mini-steps with a client I am currently coaching. I live in Kauai and volunteer my time coaching some of the female inmates at our local jail (a population that really benefits from coaching). One woman I was working with last Monday was having trouble envisioning and believing that she could have a positive future. I shared your ideas from the article with her and she said, “Now, that sounds great. I could do that!”  So thank you very much.  Your advice is helping many people in many ways!”  ~ Janaé Dresser, www.womenstresscoach.com


“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s weekly video’s  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful. I really found the ‘Magnetize Your Ideal Client’ audio to be empowering  – I listen to it faithfully. After reading the E-book Guide, I began to look at ways to re-purpose some of my existing content regularly—and the recent telesummit just blew me away!  Thanks Jeanette for the good work that you do.” ~ Veronica Hislop, Life-Relationship Coach www.empowered-solutions.ca


“I have downloaded the tools in fact today have started to use the 30 day Action Guide in which I found it easy to use and of great benefit to the client. I put the badge on my website and already seen an increase in visitors. Kind regards.” -Stephen Walker www.bluewatercoaching.co.uk


“I am absolutely thrilled at the content of the free business tools that came with my Bronze Membership. When I go on my vacation I plan to take some time to really dig in and learn some strategies and techniques that I can implement to advance my professional growth. I look forward to learning from the comprehensive and well-written tools you’ve provided. Thank you!” – Bemie Enyong


“All of tools you’ve provided are tremendously useful.  Having the badge on my website has added value and credibility that my clients are able to see right away!  The outline that you provided for a creating a Ebook in hour, unbelievable.  I was really stressed out about writing my first Ebook and you have really simplified it.  My Ebook will be on my website soon!  Being a member of the association has been terrific and I feel confident knowing that my clients find me worthy and it has drawn more traffic to my website! Thanks so much, Jeannette!”  – Kimberly McGowan, www.professionalempowermentcoach.com  


“I am so thankful to have found your organization Jeannette.  I’m proud to be a member of the IAPLC and feel that the tools and tips you offer for coaches has been such a valuable resource that I have used in my budding business.  I have found your books, audios, emails and videos extremely helpful.   Your advice to start a blog as a way to gain visibility and traffic inspired me to start producing fresh content each week.  I have also added your organization’s badge as well to my Home Page. Again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do.  I will certainly refer the coaches that I meet in networking events to join.”
– With Warm Regards and Much Gratitude, Kathy Dale, www.consciouspathwayscoaching.com


“Since signing up with you I have studied all of the tools and like to take action quickly when learning. I have been able to focus with immense clarity since using these tools and this has enabled me to spend more time attracting the right clients to me and this has worked as I have signed up 3 more highly motivated clients since I joined you.  I am happy to say that I have also completed my 20th ebook and with your advice have improved all of my other books, which has created a great deal more targeted traffic to my coaching site.  In simple terms, I have applied what you have provided and considering that it is FREE at this level this is immense value and I strongly advice any budding coaches to join you and be a part of a truly excellent coaching resource.  Quite simply, I’m very grateful to your service and the sheer amount of value that you provide. With deepest thanks and appreciation and may this wonderful service continue.” – Greg De Tisi , Life & Small Business Coach, Author,  www.GregDeTisi.com


“I am so happy that I found the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. I am using all of the free business tools and I have joined Jeannette’s LinkedIn group.  I am also listening to the webinars and they are excellent. All of the tools and information is so beneficial for my Coaching and Speaking business. Being a member has given confidence and it has helped me to know that my clients find me worthy. I have been a guest blogger and this led to more traffic coming to my website. I am very pleased and thank you Jeannette.” – Paul Garwood, Certified Master Life Coach, Life Empowerment Speaker, Author and Instructor. www.strivetosucceedeveryday.com


“Thank you so much for the information. I just downloaded the last 3 tools!  I love the ebook tool!  I have been working on trying to put something together to create my own book and this tool was very helpful. I loved the “Headline Analyzer”.  It really makes you think about your title and how a great title can get the attention that you want so that your book is noticed and read! I appreciate all of the information that you have shared with me!” – Karin E. Fried, www.northbynorthwestmt.com



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