Feb 16

Guest Post: Signs You’re On Track With Your Purpose Driven Business

By Nicola Grace

self-directed success Signs

Have you ever thought or said “It’s a Sign”? Or are you someone who asks for signs to help you know whether you’re on the right track in your business?

f yes then you’ll relate to this question I get asked a lot as an Intuitive Visionary and psychic business mentor. That question is – How can I trust the signs to know if I’m on track?

I think this is a very important question to ask and answer, because if you’ve ever followed signs and things didn’t turn out quite as expected, then you tend to start mistrusting yourself and your intuition. Or you get mislead down pathways that waste your time and sometimes even loose you money.

Two great movies you might want to re-watch if you haven’t already are Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, you know the one – Build it and they will come. And L.A. Story with Steve Martin. Sometimes the characters in these movie got the signs wrong, and sometimes they got it right. Both of these movies tell the story of the character’s journey to learn how to trust and follow the signs.

In my own journey, I’ve followed what I thought were signs only to have the rug pulled out from under me.  I’ve hired the wrong staff, gone into business with the wrong person, lost a business, wasted time, lost money, gone bankrupt because I’ve mis-interpreted  the signs, or thought I saw signs to go in a direction that turned to custard on me. You’re probably relating to me right now because I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had that experience, at least once.

So I’ve learned that following signs blindly, without further enquiry, leads you to eventually mistrust your intuition, and the signs it gives you. And that’s not a good thing because mistrust in yourself means you’re constantly second guessing your instincts or feelings which causes inaction, stagnation, even leading to becoming completely stuck with no further progress being made. You may even give up on signs, or your intuition altogether, which means you’re making your decisions in complete darkness utilizing only one side you’re your brain – the left logical side.

In my opinion it’s better to walk through your business with both parts of your brain on fire, both legs moving forward, rather than hopping along on one leg with half a brain lopsided. You’re going to get to where you want to go faster by using both, right?..(Read more.)

So how do you trust the signs?

Find out by reading the rest of this post, “How To Trust The Signs You’re On Track With Your Purpose Driven Business ,” by Nicola Grace, by clicking  HERE.