Wattles Wisdom ArtCards

Discover the Power of Daily Reminder Flash Cards.

A set of daily reminder flash cards that combine the wisdom drawn from Wallace Wattles’ book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” with beautiful scenes  from nature, that evoke positive emotions while you are reading each card.

You can read books about the Law of Attraction, watch the DVD “The Secret”, pin vision boards on the wall, but do you have a practical tool that will help you remember all the principles? Wouldn’t it be great if you could read a motivating and inspiring quote anytime you wish?

Viewing beautiful scenes from nature that evoke positive emotions while you are reading each card, helps you manifest your desires faster and easier. These cards can be viewed front and back.

  • Retain knowledge faster by using flash cards.
  • Each card has a meaningful and inspirational quote from the book.
  • Manifest your desires faster and easier with constant positive reinforcement.
  • Put them on your desk, refrigerator, bulletin board, dashboard, or bathroom mirror.

The power of Wattles Wisdom depends on the clarity of the image held in the mind. Clarity comes with repetition and association. These cards associate the knowledge with beautiful images, helping to fix Wattles’ prosperity statements into your consciousness and make them your reality more and more.

“You can serve God and humanity in no more effective way than by getting rich.”
-Wallace Wattles

Wallace Wattles formulated the most concise book of financial empowerment ever to hit the printed page.
His book, which exposes the secret “Law of Attraction”, has inspired countless seekers who have successfully turned their lives into great successes. These motivational quotes can help you along your own road to success.

We have developed a set of daily reminder flash cards that pinpoint the wisdom drawn from Wallace Wattles‘ book, “The Science of Getting Rich.”

Now, with Wattles Wisdom ArtCards, you can have, at your fingertips and in colorful graphics, the best of Wattles’ inspiring quotes from this classic book as daily reminders of Wattles Wisdom. Use them as a motivational tool, inspirational gift, prosperity affirmations, or just daily inspirational quotes for positive thinking.

Read one every day to stay focused and be motivated and inspired to success. These inspirational cards also make great gifts.

Boxed Set of 40 Cards – Only $19.95 (+ $5 Shipping if not in the U.S.)

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The book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles addresses the common problems people have when trying to become rich such as:

  • Why using the principles of The Law of Attraction can sometimes take longer than you think to create results.
  • Why you must act as though you already have the things you are trying to attract.
  • How to keep your motivation high, even when your results haven’t shown up yet.
  • A new way of thinking to help you keep your present results from controlling you and limiting your future success.

Even if you haven’t read the book, reading these inspirational cards gives you the essence of Wattle’s philosophy. Instead of thumbing through the book you can just look at your flash cards.

From our Customers:

“Jeannette demonstrates beautiful overlay technique in the graphic art and photography
on these cards. I love the colors and the mood she sets on each one.” -Mary A., N. Car.

“I love them. Very beautifully done, and the quotes are amazing! They make a great gifts,
I am giving a set to my father.” -Mark S., D.C

“Beautiful and inspiring!” -Sue G., Iowa

“I love my cards. They are beautifully designed, indeed. I like their shape, the colors, the imagery, the little box they fit in, and of course, the quotes. I’m feeling inspired!”
-Ned B., Sante Fe

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