Video Tip: What to focus on

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Benefits of Using Templates in Your Business

the benefits of using templates in your businessDo you use templates in your business? Most of us have a few places we use them, but you probably didn’t realize that they can save you time (and offer other benefits) in every area of your business. If you’re not using templates now, it’s time to start.

What Are Business Templates?

Business templates are readymade documents where you change just a few details each time you use them. You save the template on your computer or online and whenever you need to create that type of content, you use the template.

Here’s a list of possible Templates which can be used for various purposes:

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Are You Hiding From Your Business?

are you hiding from your business - life coach associationIf you are thinking that the day-to-day tasks of your business are becoming a burden, you may just find that running your business is so overwhelming, that you ‘hide’ from it day after day.

You procrastinate. You spend whole days not doing the tasks or in not involving yourself in the routines you know you ought to create… or you camouflage your procrastination by making yourself busy as a bee with ‘business’ activities that do nothing to further your goals.

You soothe yourself over these non-essential activities by saying things like, “well, spending time on social media is essential” or “well, learning the history behind the evolution of modern radio will give more depth to my podcasts” or “well, one day I’m going to write a book, so taking a course on formatting for Kindle was a good idea”.

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Essential Skills For an Action-Based Coach

8 essential skillsAs a coach, you want to offer the greatest value to your clients and support them in their journey. For this reason, it’s important to not only master essential coaching skills, it’s also crucial that you keep building new ones.

We grow by trying out new things, learning by trial and error. Action-based coaching takes advantage of this, focusing on getting the client to take independent steps, probably failing at first, and then using this feedback to make improvements.

Coaching that is action-based, or based on inspiring the client to take actions, can deliver powerful change.

You want to be the best coach possible, so that you can fully support your clients during transformation and change. But what makes a good coach great? Answer: the learnable skills they develop.

The following skills are essential to truly transformative, action-based coaching.

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Tips on Outsourcing to Reduce Business Overwhelm

Tips for outsourcingA big reason for online business-owner overwhelm is not knowing when, and how to use outsourcing.

Mistake number one: Being unable to delegate and let go-even when you’re paying someone to do a specific task for you. (Micro-managing is a sure-fire way to alienate your contractors.)

Mistake number two: Not making an outsourcing plan. As you might guess, this can’t start too early. The best time to look ahead and decide exactly what you want to outsource (and how much you will need to budget for it) is when you first identify your mission and goals.

What do you outsource? A common answer is “administrative duties”. But, in fact, you should outsource any part of your business that can drain energy from your main mission. 

Anyway, let us take one more example to understand the above-mentioned words better. If you’re actually a good bookkeeper, but that was the very profession you left in order to start coaching, don’t do your own books. During the time you are doing your books, you’re not making money, and you’re not creating the strong connections with your audience that your business needs. So, plan to outsource it.

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VIdeo Tip: Opt-in Box Mistake

Are you making this mistake with your opt-in box? If so you could be losing subscribers. Watch this video to see the fix.


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How to Stay On Top Of Your Game

Especially when marketing online, you need to be on top of your game, because the “game” keeps changing.

Social Media platforms change guidelines and algorithms. Software programs frequently update, and online tools become outdated. (It’s definitely hard to keep up with everything.) But if you want to keep bringing in revenue, you have to ride the waves.

In this article, I’ll share some suggestions for staying at the top of your business game.

Ask questions

1) Ask Questions

First and foremost, you will want to continue to learn about what is working, and what’s not working. Reevaluate and look at the interior of your business regularly.

Ask yourself:

  • What is working?
  • What is NOT working?
  • Why isn’t it working?

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Video Tip: 3 Ways to Get More Conversations

If you want to get more sales conversations with potential clients,  but are having a hard time getting them, watch this for 3 ways to get more conversations this week:

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“How to Get More Conversations With Potential Clients This Week”

Running your own business should be fun

…not frustrating—and How to Fix it:

Business management sounds like a complicated subject to tackle when you are running your own business. And many business owners cringe at the thought of having to learn business skills.

But for us solopreneurs, overwhelm and stress are often due to a just a few things:

  1. Lack of planning (and if you’re like a lot of us who just “fell into” your business, this might be the case)
  2. Lack of systems (because when you grow organically-and fast-there’s no time to create systems)
  3. Lack of money management (like not keeping track of expenses)
  4. Lack of help (maybe you don’t trust others to do the job right, haven’t found the time or money to outsource, or simply don’t know who to turn to)

Any of those sound familiar? If you’re not loving your business, and maybe even starting to get burned out, then I’m guessing you’re intimately acquainted with one or more of these trouble spots.

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Why Managing Your Business Is Overwhelming…

… and How To Fix It

What is the most common problem that coaches of all fields face online? Many answer something like this: “It’s working to your max, but, at the end of the day, finding yourself no nearer to having more clients, better clients, or passive income.

For example: You know that you absolutely need to ‘build a responsive email list’ but still you have fewer than 100 people on that list.

You’ve purchased software for creating landing pages, but you’ve accessed it only twice in the last year. It hasn’t given you an adequate return on your investment-but in the end, you know it may not be the software—

It’s probably, somehow, you.

Are You Spinning Your Wheels

Somewhere, on some level, you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. You may not be curled up in a little ball or seeking therapy for low self-esteem issues, but it niggles away at the back of your mind.

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