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My most recent webclass is “5 Reasons Why Managing Your Business Can Be Overwhelming And How to Fix It.

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Stay in Your Own Lane

Overwhelm is a real thing in online businesses. There is always more that could be done.  And it can be really hard to “stay in your own lane.” More products to create, more blogs to write, more opt-in pages to build, more clients to connect with, more, more, more.

And one of the biggest contributors? Shiny object syndrome.

Every time you’re tempted to buy that new, must-have tool, or to test out a new marketing method, or even to switch business models entirely, you’re falling victim to this business killer.

Here’s the problem with shiny object syndrome.

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Video Tip: Announcement Letter

Whenever you’re in a slump and need more clients, here’s a tried and true strategy for getting more clients and referrals. It’s also the best first step in getting clients if you are a new coach. Watch below for the details.

Pricing Your Coaching

One of the biggest hurdles for a new coach is how to price your coaching. There are several variables involved that can complicate this endeavor. So I want to give you some guidelines to follow. 

By the Hour
Many coaches start out by pricing by the hour. But let’s take a look at why that’s not the best choice.  Let’s say you figure your time is worth $50 an hour and your monthly income goal is $3000. If you are giving each client 2  1-hour coaching sessions a month, you’re receiving $100 per client and that means you need 30 clients a month to reach your income goal. 

That’s a lot of clients to handle every month and it’s not counting the time you need to do the marketing to get those clients. Think about it this way: if your conversion rate is 33%, you need to do 90 free consultations a month to get those 30 clients—not very practical…

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Video Tip: Your Transformation

Here’s a mindset tip on how to not lose sight of your business goals.

Sales Question #3

Here is another essential question that you should be asking prospects on your sales calls.


I Am Enough, Right?

thinking womanDo you feel like you are good enough? Recently I heard a talk by mindset coach, celebrity therapist, and best-selling author of 4 books, including “Ultimate Confidence,” Marisa Peer, who has helped thousands of people overcome all sorts of problems with her mindset training. Her approach is simple.

Marisa says that she can usually tell what someone’s problem is within the first 2-3 minutes of a conversation. That’s because it’s usually one thing—somewhere along the line they acquired the belief that they weren’t good enough. And this one belief plays out in symptoms ranging from meltdowns, attempted suicides, depression, and multiple marriages, to bad behaviors, eating disorders, and lack of success.

This belief that you aren’t good enough can be triggered by something that happened to you as a child. Perhaps one of your parents left the family, and you felt abandoned. Perhaps you were told that you weren’t good enough by a teacher in school. Or perhaps you had an abusive sibling that made you feel that way. In any case, it happened, and you created that belief.

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Sales Call Question #2

There are certain questions you need to ask during sales calls because the information you receive from the answers you get will help you later on in the sales call.  You can use it to remind the prospect of what they said and help them take action. This video addresses one of those questions you must ask, and how to use the information.

Your Genius Zone

Are you working in your “genius zone”? You know—that place where you have some natural talent. That zone where it’s really easy for you to do something that may be hard for others. I have always considered myself to be a Renaissance woman, which is a polite term for “jack-of-all-trades, master of none.” It was hard for me to come up with something I could call my genius zone.

But recently a memory came back to me about when I was in high school working on the theatrical productions. I always liked being behind the scenes working on props, designing the programs, sewing costumes, and giving cues to the actors during rehearsals.

In my senior year, I was put in charge of props for our annual spring musical, which was “Showboat” that year. A week before the show opened…

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Balancing Work Tasks

Here’s a video tip on balancing work tasks – the difference between admin tasks and income-producing activities.

Are you balancing your work tasks?