7 Essential Elements for Your Lead Magnet

Do you use a lead magnet?


Do you use a lead magnet? There are some essential elements that can help ensure your lead magnet is doing a good job. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you create the most effective lead magnet possible for your potential customers.

1-Quick Usability – Effective lead magnets should be available quickly and easily. 

2-Comprehensible – The offers and lead magnets must be clear and easy for the target audience to understand.

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Video Tip: Recession-Proof Your Business

In times of economic uncertainty, it can be difficult to maintain a steady flow of income for any business. The coaching industry, in particular, can be vulnerable to economic downturns as people tend to cut back on discretionary spending during tough times.

However, there are steps that life coaches can take to recession-proof their businesses and ensure that they continue to thrive even in a challenging economic climate. In this video, we’ll explore the first of 10 strategies that you can use to recession-proof your life coaching business.


Tip for Closing the Sale

Talk Up the ResultsTalk Up the Results

The goal of a sales conversation is to help the potential client envision the positive changes that can be achieved through your coaching program and then ask him/her to make a commitment. Your potential client wants to know how your coaching program can change her life. Here are some easy steps to take to close the sale:

1) The first step is to acknowledge the current reality of the potential client’s life. This means understanding and empathizing with their current struggles, challenges, and pain points. By acknowledging their reality, you are showing that you understand their situation.

2) The next step is to talk up the results. Talk about the transformation that can be achieved through your coaching program. This involves painting a vivid picture of what their life could be like after working with you, and highlighting the benefits and positive changes they can expect to experience. This can include improved health, increased confidence, greater success, or any other positive outcomes that your coaching program can provide.

3) While the potential client is envisioning these positive changes, you then ask them to invest. By asking them to invest while they are feeling positive and optimistic about the potential transformation, you increase the chances of a successful sale and a positive outcome for both you and your client.

In this way you help your client see the value of your services while committing to make positive changes in their life.

4 Ways To Deal with Self-Doubt

Everyone has to deal with self-doubt from time to time. It’s part of life. The important thing is that when you do experience it, you handle self-doubt in the right way. This will ensure that you get back on the road to success in no time at all. To find a few ways to deal with self-doubt when negative thoughts arise, here are 4 ways to deal with self-doubt:

1- Resolve Not to Compare Yourself To Others

Often, thoughts of self-doubt come when you compare yourself to someone else. Resolve in advance not to let this happen. 

When it does (which it probably will at some point), remind yourself that you aren’t the other person. They have a journey completely different from your own. Look how far you’ve come on your journey. Your journey is yours and yours alone. 

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Setting Up Highly Targeted Opt-In Offers to Grow Your List Quickly

If you are just starting out in business, this guide is designed to show you how to start growing an email list of potential clients that you can turn into paying ones. It covers all the basics. (If you are a more seasoned entrepreneur, revisit this blog for more advanced strategy posts.)

One advantage of doing business online is the ability to set up multiple sale funnels that offer opt-in freebies and info, in exchange for the reader joining a mailing list. These highly targeted opt-in offers can grow your list, and are key to your success.

The item or items used for incentives are often called lead magnets. Like magnets, they attract or draw your chosen audience to your offer and mailing list opt-in.

Your opt-in incentives serve as product samples to new leads, showing them the kind of value in store for them if they join your list.

However, you will first need to create an opt-in offer that includes a lead magnet or incentive.

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How Learning Something New Helps Our Brain

How learning something new helps our brainLearning something new isn’t always easy, and can seem to take a lot of your energy. On the other hand,  it’s been proven that learning new things benefits your brain in the following ways:

1- Learning Programs the Brain

According to Psychology Today, learning is actually the way that your brain gets “programmed”. Think of it like this: when your computer needs an update, you download new software. This download is similar to learning something new. When you learn new things, your brain updates itself, clears out bugs and becomes better than before. So why wouldn’t you want a brain running “on the latest program”? 

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Video Tip: Create a Marketing Map

By defining your big, bold goals and creating projects for completing those goals, you can build a marketing plan that maps out the steps you need to take monthly, weekly, and daily. It also allows you to track your progress and measure your success. This video walks you through the steps of creating a marketing map.

Get your copy of the ” Bold Goals Marketing Map” workbook HERE.

Mastering Your Goals

Mastering your goals

The Art of Breaking Down Large Objectives into Bite-Sized Projects


When it comes to achieving your goals, it can be overwhelming to think about all the tasks involved. But there’s an effective way to make progress towards your goals: break them down into smaller projects, each with its own set of action steps.

How to break down your main goals into manageable projects:

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Start Work at the Same Time Every Day

Start Work at the Same Time Every DayEven if you’re self-employed and you live to be flexible, keep yourself to one set time slot—and that’s starting work at the same time every day. No matter how flexible you are the rest of the day, getting yourself into the habit of sitting down to work at the same time every day will help you accomplish more—and avoid procrastination.

Starting work at the same time every day can greatly benefit one’s productivity and overall work performance.  Here are some reasons why:

  1. Establishes a routine: By starting work at the same time every day, you establish a routine that your brain can get used to. This routine makes it easier to transition into a productive mindset, as your brain will already be in “work mode” when it’s time to start.
  2. Increases focus: Starting work at the same time every day can help increase focus, as you will know exactly when it’s time to get down to business. This can lead to more efficient and effective use of time, allowing you to get more done in less time.
  3. Better sleep: When you have a consistent work schedule, it’s easier to establish a consistent sleep schedule as well. Getting enough sleep is crucial for productivity and starting work at the same time every day can help you get the rest you need to perform at your best.
  4. Decreases stress: Starting work at the same time every day can help reduce stress, as you’ll know exactly when you need to be at your desk and when you can relax. This can also help you avoid last-minute rushes to get work done, as you’ll be able to plan your day with more accuracy.
  5. Increases accountability: When you have a set start time, it’s easier to hold yourself accountable for your work. This can help you stay focused and motivated, and can also help you avoid procrastination.

Starting work at the same time every day is a simple habit that can have a big impact on your productivity and overall work performance. It’s a habit that takes some time to establish, but once it’s in place, you’ll see the benefits in no time. So, why not try it out and see what a difference it can make in your work life?

7 Steps to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

7 Steps to Create Your ICPIt can be challenging to identify your ideal customer. 

It takes work, research, and patience. Some business owners are hesitant to even start.  Their concern is that it may not be wise to limit their audience: Isn’t it just a “numbers game”, and therefore better to target everybody and see who bites?

Unfortunately, unless you have a massive budget, that shotgun approach is doomed. If you try to reach everybody without targeting your ideal customer, you’ll get nobody, because your message won’t resonate. It will fail to cut through the noise and speak directly to your potential buyer. 

Small businesses need to limit their focus, so they can target the right people with the right offer. Establishing an “ideal customer profile” (ICP) allows you to narrow your focus and maximize results. 

With a good ICP, your message will reach the people who need to hear it.

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