How to Use the “Elevation Principle” to Fill Your Content Basket

Take Advantage of “Influencer Content Marketing”

As a solopreneur, you have to produce great content— content that grabs people’s interest and makes you stand out from the crowd.  Content that builds a list of followers who will eventually purchase your service.

But that’s where the problem comes in—how to find the time and energy to be constantly producing content. 

Most of us solopreneurs are so busy taking care of clients and implementing strategies to get more clients, that we don’t schedule time to create more content. And we also can forget to nurture (with additional content) the subscribers we’ve worked so hard to get.

That’s where Michael A. Stelzner’s book, “Launch,” comes to the rescue! His “Elevation Principle” outlines an exact procedure of how to ride the wave of content marketing, and how simple and effective this can be for your business. Stelzner’s formula is timeless, because he uncovers the main premise behind content marketing:

“If you solve people’s small problems, many of them will come to you to help them solve their big problems.” Continue reading

Video Tip: 10 Places to Have Your Opt-in Box

If you’re trying to build a list to use for email marketing, but aren’t getting many subscribers, there are a few factors that could be the problem.

  • It could be you’re promoting to the wrong audience.
  • It could be that you have the right audience but the wrong freebie.
  • But one of the main ones is that you aren’t promoting your freebie in all the places that you could be.

This video gives you 10 places where you should have your opt-in box.

Comment below if you’d like the list of places and my list of daily activities you should be doing to get more subscribers.

Becoming a Life Coach

5 Essential Steps For Launching A Life Coaching Business

If you are reading this, you are probably someone who wants to take their expertise and share it with the world in order to help others become more successful. What better way to do that than by becoming a life coach!

What is Life Coaching?

What is life coaching?

It’s motivating people to change something in their lives so they can experience greater joy and less pain. It can be in any area of a person’s life.

The main areas of a person’s life are:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Spiritual Development

These different areas of life overlap and influence each other. A relationship problem can affect finances, and vice versa. A health problem can affect a career issue, and vice versa.

So, probably he first thing to consider once you’ve decided to become a coach is:

“Do you want to be a general life coach, or do you want to specialize in one area?”

If you want to coach a person in all areas of life, then you can call yourself a “Motivational Coach,” a “General Life Coach,” or a “Personal Growth Coach”.   Continue reading

Video Tip: Get the Shoes

Is everyone telling you to pass on the latte and don’t buy those $200 shoes because you need to save your money? Finances can be mindboggling but, here’s a different view…

How a Life Coach Association Can Overcome the 3 Critical Challenges Life Coaches Face

If you love life coaching, but you’re not a member of a life coach association, then this article is for you.

As you may have begun to see, there’s more to a life coaching business than just coaching.

Maybe you aren’t sure how to get enough clients for a profitable business?

Or are you worried you might not have enough business skills to run a business?

Or are you concerned that your business support isn’t coming from someone who’s also an experienced life coach?

In this article, we’ll go over 3 main challenges life coaches face and how you can overcome them and attract more clients. Plus you’ll find out…

  • How you can get in front of more potential clients
  • How to show your credibility to those potential clients, and
  • How to get the business skills you need to run your business more profitably


Do I need a life coaching association? Continue reading

Video Tip: Low-End Offers

Here’s a video tip on a new business model for coaches.

If you’re trying to sell a high-end price point coaching program because that’s what everybody says you should be doing, but you’re struggling to make sales…it’s time to change your strategy and expand your business model to include low-end products.  Check out my new training, “Low-End Offer Empire.”

Get instant access HERE!

Digital Product Creation 101

Have you heard the statistic that millionaires have up to seven income streams? That’s seven different ways that they’re making money each month. Now take a look at your business; how many streams of income do you have?

If the answer is one, then it’s time to open up that creative part of your brain and create more income streams. One option is passive income products.  And one way to get passive income is through digital product creation.

“Passive income” is something of a misnomer. Creating products or setting up different forms of income still takes work.  But the difference is that these streams of income can work for you—almost on autopilot—for years to come.

Benefits of Passive Income  Continue reading

How To Add Low End Offers To Your Course Portfolio

Working with clients 1:1 is great, but it shouldn’t be your entire business model.

Few industry leaders will tell you this, but you don’t need to sell high-priced products every month to be profitable. You can have monthly income from low-end products that supplement your high-end product income with passive income.

Here’s the thing: If people don’t know you yet, they’re probably not going to drop a $1000-5000 on a coaching program in your first enrollment conversation. But they might take a chance on you for something that costs them $97 or less.

Then, when they see how awesome your low-end offer product is, they’ll be much more likely to invest in your higher end products.

But you’ve got to them in the door first. And you can do that so much easier with low-end offers.

With a low-end offer, you can make money in two different ways:

  1. From articles, video tips, podcasts, webinars, and social media posts that link to a product – because once they’re posted they can continue to get visitors and sales
  2. By offering it as a “down-sell” if a potential client says they can’t afford your coaching program

For evergreen marketing, you can have a link to a sales page for a low-end product at the end of your blog posts. You can put a link in the description of a video on YouTube or a podcast on iTunes.

You can also include a link at the end of an evergreen webinar that you have produced. There are many possibilities to get that link out there. Continue reading

Video Tip: Certifications-Yes or No

Many new coaches want to know if they need to get certified. It can be costly and time consuming, especially if you are already qualified. Here are some insights on the topic.

Check out the IAPLC Certification Course HERE.

Creating Products People Will Actually Buy

Why create products?

I’m a big believer in creating passive income for a coaching business, but many coaches either don’t know what to offer, or hope that their one-on-one coaching services are enough to sustain their lifestyle.

Sure, your clients hire you for your specific skillset and specialty, but wouldn’t you like to earn more in your business? Wouldn’t you like to reach more of your target audience who aren’t quite ready to purchase your big ticket coaching packages? And, how about some passive income—cashing in on the phrase, “Make money in your sleep”?

This is why you need products to sell, in addition to your coaching services.

But What Will They Buy?

Continue reading