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Improve self-awareness and self-knowledge in a broad range of topical life issues with our General Life Coaches.

Ann Harmon

Ann Harmon – ReShape Your Life, over 40 years, Canton, OH
“Your Road Map to Peace, Joy, Beauty, and Prosperity”

Ann Harmon has been naturally and intuitively coaching individuals all of her life. Asked a question, she has always intuitively known the answer. She is very connected to Universal Mind / Source for her guidance, direction, and purpose. 

Ann was formally educated as a nurse with all of the accompanying degrees, B.S.N., M.Ed., M. Rehab and Nursing, Doctoral work in Community Health /Education, in order to teach on the university level at an assistant professor. She taught leadership and management, research, medical-surgical and community health nursing with clinical experience in most areas of nursing and life. 

Her passion in life has become seeing that special light ignite in someone’s eyes as their soul “gets it and becomes a powerful force for service/good in this world and for an individual creating the life they love.

513-262-0099, Email: anncharmon@gmail.com


Melissa Stamps 

Melissa Stamps – Transformation & Design, LLC, Since 2000, NYC Tri-State area
“Creating Transformation through beautiful living and works spaces that support health, success and wealth. “

Melissa Stamps is a certified Intuitive Counselor, Clairvoyant and graduate of Holistic Studies Institute in NYC, and a graduate of The Ohashi Institute of Advanced Shiatsu Studies in NYC. 

She is also a certified Feng Shui practitioner and Interior Design Stylist, and has studied at Pratt Art School and Parsons School of Design. She has trained with the luminaries of Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui.

Melissa passionately champions the success, health and abundance of her clients and believes deeply in developing the awesome and infinite talent of your own intuition to create a dynamic and successful life.

Feng Shui and Interior Design: www.colorpriestess.com 
Energy Work: 3rdeyeopennycpsychic.com
201-865-3823, info@colorpriestess.com / info@3rdeyeopennycpsychic.com 


Diane Jones

Diane Jones – Possibilities! Empowerment Coaching, Since 2011, Goshen, MA
“Catalyzing Your Wisdom for Powerful Change.”

Diane is dedicated to partnering with you to awaken and maximize embodiment of the greatness that already exists in you. Her coaching skills, experience, and formal and informal studies combine with intuitive elements to produce a valuable supporter and synergist, focusing on the present and moving forward as you create your best and biggest life.

Because her coaching is based mainly on skilled and intuitive questioning to access your inner wisdom, and her life experiences are extensive, Diane can assist with a vast array of issues.

https://iaplifecoaches.org/diane-jones, PossibilitiesEC@gmail.com


Linda DeCarlo

Linda DeCarlo – Linda DeCarlo Training & Coaching, Since 2009, NYC
“Joyful life and business success from the inside out.”

Linda is the creator of the Extraordinary Possibilities Success System™.  Through her coaching and training, clients learn to use both inner and outer success tools so they can move through tough challenges, negative beliefs and unproductive habits to achieve their most important personal and business goals with more joy and less stress.

www.lindadecarlo.com, 212-679-2534, linda@lindadecarlo.com


Lily-Ann MacDonald – Step Out Of The Mist – Elite Life Coaching, Since 2012, 
British Columbia
“Empowering people to create a renewed sense of passion and purpose.”

My primary mission is to empower people to create a renewed sense of passion and purpose, so they can tap into their heart’s desires and fully step into their highest vision of what they can truly be! It’s very exciting to work with someone who is ready and willing to evolve into their higher self.

www.stepoutofthemist.com, lily-ann@stepoutofthemist.com


Ida Crawford

Ida Crawford – Daily Life For Me, Since 2010, Westminster, MD 
“Your Success Is My Reason”

Having a Life Coach and being a Life Coach has allowed me to become more conscious of who I am and what my life purpose is. The skills I have now has changed my life and I look forward to supporting others in changing theirs. 

I have created several workshops to support women in eliminating limited beliefs that are not serving them, entitled “Get The Junk Out Your Trunk.” In addition, I provide a 4 week intensive workshop entitled, “A Picture of My Business” to support women in creating their business plan so that they have a road map for their business.

www.dailylifeforme.org,  443-839-0828, Ida@dailylifeforme.org


Fernando Celis

Fernando Celis – Fernando Celis Life Coach, ILC Academy, Since 1990, Miami, FL
“If it feels good, Do It! We all deserve the chance to fly.”

Fernando Celis has been training, coaching and helping professionals, teams, sales forces and the general public reach outstanding goals in sales and leadership for over 18 years. He designed and created the Extreme Selling Curriculum after researching the key elements that make peak performers strive and researching the science of personal achievement and coaching. He has trained thousands of professionals in over 20 countries and his famous escapades to surf the legendary point breaks of Punta Rocas-Peru, Montanita-Ecuador, Rincon-Puerto Rico, Zunzal-El Salvador and Duppies-Barbados inspired Fernando to write the Personal development novel titled “The Executive Surfer.” 

He is now focused on his Life Coaching Certification program being delivered in Margarita Island, Caracas, Santiago Chile, Guatemala, Valencia and Puerto Ordaz. 

www.fernandocelis.com,  786-403-1536, fernando@fernandocelis.com


Tori Michaels 

Tori Michaels – Savvy Solutions, Since 1989, Edelstein, IL
“For those who feel stuck, defeated and overwhelmed and are ready to move into a life of joy, compassion and bliss, Tori is the Whole Life Transformation Coach, giving you the tools to help you shift so powerfully that you become unrecognizable to yourself!”

Knowing that we all have a powerful infinite intelligence all around us that we can tap into at any time inspires me to bring that knowledge to my clients and students to awaken them to their own power! I think that is why I was so attracted to the brilliance of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is this ancient holistic art and science that when applied, creates spaces that feel good to be in.

http://www.torimichaels.com,  314-791-4229, Tori@ToriMichaels.com


Carolyn Owens

Carolyn Owens – Infinity Coaching, Since 2012, Odenton, MD
“Helping Women Managers Up→Level Their Skills to Up→Level Their Income.”

Carolyn served in the United States Navy, for over 24 years, retiring as a Navy Commander in 2012. During her career, she has served as the director, Human Capital Management of an organization of over 4,800 civilians, military and contract personnel. As a coach, she utilizes her years of proven experience to partner with her clients helping them to connect inner passion and purpose to outer goals and strategies to obtain powerful and sustainable results. Through the coaching process clients have been able to create greater fulfillment so they can live extraordinary lives and have amazing careers.

www.infinitycoaching.net,  901-218-7664, cowens@infinitycoaching.net


Don Morgan

Don Morgan –Positive Coaching Academy, 40 years, Clarion, PA
“Bridge to a Happier Life”

Don is an applied positive psychology practitioner, working as a catalyst for developing and achieving stretch-goals. He searches for the best ideas and shares these insights. His Ph.D. from the University of Iowa emphasized administrative science and human behavior in organizations. His professional background includes teaching, counseling, and administration at elementary, secondary, community college, and university levels. He uses evidence-based strategies to assist individuals and organizations to assess their unique strengths and to move from their comfort zones into their opportunity zones.

http://morganmanagementconsulting.com,  814-297-7079, donlvmorgan@gmail.com


Dr. Cristie Glasheen

Dr. Cristie Glasheen– Step Strong Life Coaching, Since 2014, Durham, NC
“I’m stepping strong everyday, are you with me?”

Stepping strong means leaving self-doubt behind and waking up every day with excitement, knowing that you can handle whatever hurdles come your way. I teach people to step strong in their personal, professional, or academic life. I work with people who are tired of living a partial life and want to live with more confidence, joy, authenticity, and daring.

http://www.stepstrong.net/,  919-813-0822, lifecoaching@stepstrong.net


David Lawson 

David Lawson – David Lawson Coaching, Since 2012, Queensland, Australia
“Making Stress your best friend.”

David Lawson’s approach involves being the person “outside of the problem” who will listen to you. He will work with you to identify what is and what is not working and walk with you as you discover the path forward from hurt and pain to growth and happiness.

http://www.findingthelight.com.au, 0407 585 497, David@findingthelight.com.au


Stephanie L.P. Jackson

Stephanie L.P. Jackson– Tigress Consulting and Publications,  Since 2011, Dayton, OH
“Realizing and experiencing a better you.” 

As a published author, minister, life coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Stephanie knows what it’s like to have her hands full, but she enjoys it. She enjoys motivating and encouraging others to tap into their greatness and live their best life. God has a purpose for every single one of us, and she believe that it is our duty to discover and walk in our purpose.

http://www.tigresscandp.webs.com,  937-681-8372, ceo@tigresscandp.com


Tonya Lopez

Sandra Hill–New Horizen Coaching & Professional Growth Advancement, LLC, 
Since 2017, Suwanee,  GA
“Making the Impossible Possible.”

After retiring in 2016 from 36 years as a public servant, I continued my passion for helping people by launching a life coaching service. As a certified life coach, my mission is to provide coaching and career advancement products and services to individuals – middle school to college age, veterans, aspiring/current managers – and to organizations using a proven coaching model.

I am currently partnering with two high schools, one middle school and my home church in providing free workshops and services.

http://newhorizencoaching.com/,  678-523- 2890, coachhill@newhorizencoaching.com


Tonya Lopez

Tonya Lopez– Finding Your Journey, Inc., Since 2017, Herndon, VA
“Journey to Success & Happiness!”

Tonya is a collaborative, solutions-focused Life Coach. Through this approach, she provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She also integrates coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to you. With compassion and understanding, Tonya works with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving. She specializes in Law of Attraction coaching.

http://www.findingyourjourney.com/404-563-6324, Tonya@findingyourjourney.com


Beverley Glazer

Beverley Glazer – Reinvent Impossible Inc., Since 1992, Montreal, Canada
“Let’s Make The Impossible Possible”

Beverley Glazer is a Coach, Counselor, therapist and an expert in motivating and empowering women over 50, to unleash their hidden strengths and transform their lives both personally and professionally. Through her engaging personality, personalized techniques, step-by-step individual or group coaching programs, she guides her clients to realize their untapped potential, gain confidence and take action to achieve the possibilities that transform their lives. 

www.ReinventImpossible.com,  514-299-1891,  Bev@reinventImpossible.com


Luannah Victoria Arana

Luannah Victoria Arana, Best Selling Author, Life Coach, Teacher, Healer, British Columbia, CA, Since 2003

“You have the power. Seize the moment! Life is for Exploring & Evolving.”

Having lived and travelled overseas for many years my life and mind have been touched and shaped by many cultures and their life wisdoms and teachings. Though I have studied many forms of healing and coaching, my true authority to offer this work comes from my life experiences of having overcome many traumas and dysfunctional coping mechanisms that had resulted that kept me attracting unhealthy situations and relationships. I deeply know the territory of depression, hopelessness, fear and anxiety, which is why I am able to guide others to healing.

All this led me to the work I do now: Empowering others to know themselves and heal past pains and traumas that cause obstructions to the natural flow of life of their true nature and authentic joy of being alive.

604-782-9197, info@serenitybythesea.com, www.thealohamethod.ca


Carlee Jelinek

Carlee Jelinek – Coaching By Carlee, Since 2020, Ontario, Canada

“Happiness is an inside job.”

A personal life coach is someone who believes that YOU have the answers to your own obstacles. As a professional life coach, Carlee helps you understand your vision for yourself and gets you to what you desire. Carlee has always been passionate about discovering how to help others and their mindset. She became a stay at home Mother after her children were born and then became an entrepreneur of a successful business. However, she always knew that she wanted to help others. This is where NLP Coaching came into her life. She now works with people who want help attaining their goals.

https://www.coachingbycarlee.ca, 416-451-8048, carleej@rogers.com


Vicki Baker
Vicki L. Baker CMBC, CELC, CPC – Create Beyond Coaching, Since 2014, Las Vegas, NV
“Create your Life on Purpose…Beyond what is!”
Vicki is an ordained Minister and CEO/Founder of “Create Beyond Coaching™”. She is also the Author of the book “No Works..No Faith.” She believes that you can create the life you want to live, beyond any circumstances, situations and environment. As such, she helps women discover their purpose, and destroy the limiting beliefs and blocks that’s preventing them from moving forward in their lives. She shows them how they can apply the “Works” (Universal Laws ) to their “Faith” (Belief), so they can be, do and have what they desire.
With compassion and understanding, Vicki works with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving for yourself.


Teresa Cardinale, TC Life Changing Coach, Since 2020, Cartersville, GA

As a Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I help women and men who have a deep desire to change their lives, are eager to discover a new passion or follow a passion that was always there, but they were unable to take action as their life got too busy with family or too busy doing a job that no longer inspires them.

Changes are necessary for us to feel fulfilled, but change can be scary. With you, I will explore your goals, challenges, self-limitations and discover your inner resources that will take you to the changes you have been searching for. My goal is to help you reach that mindset and make sure you feel comfortable and motivated to follow your new path!

https://www.tclifecoach.com/, 4042762150, teresa@tclifecoach.com