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Discover how a transformation can enhance, expand, and transform your life and business

Tori Michaels – Savvy Solutions, Since 1989, Edelstein, IL

“For those who feel stuck, defeated and overwhelmed and are ready to move into a life of joy, compassion and bliss, Tori is the Whole Life Transformation Coach, giving you the tools to help you shift so powerfully that you become unrecognizable to yourself!”

Knowing that we all have a powerful infinite intelligence all around us that we can tap into at any time inspires me to bring that knowledge to my clients and students to awaken them to their own power! I think that is why I was so attracted to the brilliance of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is this ancient holistic art and science that when applied, creates spaces that feel good to be in.,  314-791-4229,


Kate Burke– Kate Burke Coaching, Since 2011, Tasmania, Australia
“Transforming you, from where you are, to where you want to be.”

Training as a Health & Phys. Ed Teacher and teaching for 13 years, triggered the transition to focus in on the area of health, personal development and emotions. Hence, I added the qualification of Certified Professional Coach to my credentials. Although working for many years as a Sports Coach in the area of basketball and other sports, I had a greater interest in the Psychology of Coaching. My Coaching now, aims to enhance the importance of the “mind” and beyond its doubts or limiting beliefs, as a key to sustaining success.,  +(61) 0401 090 154,


Janet Strangeways, Rowan Grove Coaching & Consulting, Since 1999, Ottawa, Ontario

I’m a retired doctor from the United Kingdom where I practised medicine and worked for the NHS for 33 years after university. As a consultant in communicable disease control for three London boroughs, I had to be calm while dealing with emergencies and reassure the public. This ability to remain calm under pressure gave me the clarity necessary to analyze each situation and take effective action. Since relocating to Canada in 1999, I have become an Integral Associate Coach. Today I enjoy being a life coach, enabling professionals who are getting burnt out to be calm under pressure both at work and at home.

As a coach, I focus on helping professionals from a variety of fields who are too overwhelmed to thrive in their profession, juggling the demands of career and home life, seeking a fulfilling life outside of work, or looking to enjoy life with their family., 613-241-1520,


Diane Schaffer , Transformational Balance, Since 2012, Livermore, California
“YOU have the opportunity to review what You really want by realizing YOU have the answers yourself, even if buried deep down.”

I help individuals who are struggling with change/transformations so that they can experience self-discovery, appreciate self with actions not just words, decrease hardships, anger, pain, and increase triumph, joy and enlightenment to live with a lighter load. As a provider of solutions, I am here to strengthen your ability to find the answers, to not GIVE UP and to STAY with it! Together we build a bridge to cross over the gaps in your life. We work together to keep focused, productive, and aware of YOU—the now and the future—to unleash your personal power and maximize its impact, realize new levels of personal and professional satisfaction, fulfillment and balance, and to become the best person you can be…what that looks like, feels like, and means to you.

Contact:, 510-381-1873,


Martha Sears , Transformational Coach, Since 2014, Beaverton, OR

I am an author, speaker, teacher, and coach. I help individuals and businesses navigate through difficult change by equipping them with tools that help them succeed and thrive in even the most challenging of circumstances. With 30 years of experience in the corporate world, I have acquired a variety of strengths and talents that span the business lifecycle spectrum. Much of my experience comes from working at “Big 5” consulting firms and Gartner where I assisted Fortune 500 clients in highly sensitive assignments with multi-national and cross-functional impacts. , 503-888-1621,

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