Guest Post: 5 Strategies to Stop Being a Micro-Manager

By Carolyn Owens


Are you guilty of being a micro-manager?

During my military career, I had the privilege of learning and working for a micro-manager; it was exhausting. The reality is that there are more leaders who micro-manage then those who don’t. For the most part, their viewpoint is the only way to get something done correctly is to do it yourself, or if someone else is doing it, monitor things really closely.

Being a micro-manager comes with a price. To sum it up in one word, the price is productivity. When you hold on to tasks, trying to do everything yourself, you don’t have time to lead your team. You are way too caught up in the small, minor details. You have to learn to let go and work smarter, not harder. Here are five strategies you can use to become a more effective leader and avoid the micromanagement rut…

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