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How To Get Paid What You’re Worth – Part 4

How To Get Paid What You're Worth – Part 4

If you have been in business for even a short time, your goal is to get paid what you’re worth. In the last three articles we have explored several areas that will help you do this. In this last article in the series, we’ll take a look at 4 steps you can take to improve …

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Solve a Problem for Your Audience

Solve a problem for your audience

Solving problems is what you do. It may not always seem like it, but at the center of it all, this is what your role is. In order to solve a problem for your audience, though, the first thing you have to do is understand your audience. A few years ago, a young entrepreneur had …

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A Powerful Sales Formula

The Formula-cropped

This article was written by James I. Bond and Jeannette Koczela How would you like a simple but powerful sales formula that instantly makes your ads, talks, emails, web pages, and other promotions more effective? After working with hundreds of businesses and their sales teams, James I. Bond developed a sales formula that you can …

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Unlocking the Power of Joint Venture Partnerships


Insights from a Virtual Networking Conference Last week I attended a 3-day virtual conference, called the Strategic Alliance Event” about networking with potential joint venture partners. As you probably know, one of the best ways to grow your business faster is to have other people promote it. The conference taught us some new ways of …

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Blog Tip – Using Repetition

Use the Principle of Repetition to Give Your Graphics Even More Impact

Use the Principle of Repetition to Give Your Graphics Even More Impact The theme this month is blogging and here is a blog tip for your visuals. A love of repetition is hardwired into human DNA (that’s how we first learned how to learn). Just think of your three-year-old, wanting the same story, night after …

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How To Get Paid What You’re Worth – Part 3

How To Get Paid What You're Worth – Part 3

Thoughts can hold you back – especially the ones you repeat and the ones you’re not aware of thinking. Working on your mindset pertains to your value, and how to convey that to potential clients. In this article we’ll take a look at 3 steps you can take to improve your mindset so you can …

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Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Self-Care isnt selfish

Self-Care isn’t selfish, because you can’t pour from an empty cup. Something I’ve learned on my journey to success is that self-care is a big factor. Taking care of your own needs in addition to running your business is essential because you want to be healthy and feel good as a business owner.  Self-care is …

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Mindset for Client Attraction: Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever look at how experienced and successful other coaches are and feel like you are not worthy?  I get it, there are so many coaches out there with years of experience, awards and resources so you sometimes wonder why your client should hire you over them.  Feeling like an impostor as a coach …

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Blogging is Still a Powerful Way to Connect with Your Audience

Blogging is still powerful

In an era dominated by social media, where attention spans are dwindling, and trends evolve at a rapid pace, blogging continues to stand out as a powerful and enduring way to connect with audiences. Despite the rise of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and X, blogging offers a unique space for individuals and businesses to share …

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I want to share something—


Over the years, I’ve discovered that most coaches don’t have as much of a problem with knowledge as they do with implementing what they’ve learned, i.e., they know what to do, but are not so confident about putting it into action. But I’ve discovered a solution that may be very interesting for you.  As you …

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