8 Empowering Beliefs to Make You Thrive

8 Beliefs to make you thriveYour experiences are shaped by your thinking. Your thinking is shaped by your beliefs. So you want to have empowering beliefs. Even obstacles have a value when you can see it.

You can develop convictions that will help you to feel happier and achieve more, regardless of the situation.

Consider these empowering beliefs that you can start using today to transform your life through the power of positive thinking.

1. I take responsibility. You are in charge of your life. Hold yourself accountable for the outcomes you create. Celebrate the fact that you have the power to determine your own future.

2. I apply effort. Figure out your definition of success so you know what is worth working for. Give yourself credit when you’re making progress rather than comparing yourself to others.

3. I leverage my strengths. You have your own individual strengths that you can draw on. Figure out what you’re good at and what you want to do. Let that knowledge guide your choices.

4. I listen to feedback. Ask for feedback so you can enhance your performance and show others that you respect their point of view. You grow faster when you gather solid input that you can translate into action.

5. I ask for help.Expand your capabilities by building a sturdy support network. Carpool with other parents. Get an accountability partner that you can share ideas with.

6. I connect with others.Surround yourself with encouraging family, friends, and colleagues. Participate actively in an online forum. Join a Facebook group with members who share your interest in email marketing.

7. I recognize opportunities. Stay alert for promising openings. You may meet a new client while you’re standing in line to buy your morning coffee.

8. I try new things.Be open to experimentation. Go to a networking event instead staying behind your computer. Create a new product. Write a book. You may discover hidden talents.

An upbeat attitude increases your happiness and productivity. Question your old assumptions so you can replace them with a new sense of certainty about yourself and your future. Adopt empowering beliefs that build up your confidence and prepare you for greater success. Start today. You’ll be glad you did!

Download the infographic as inspiration here.

8 Empowering Beliefs to Make You Thrive