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Oct 12

My Self-Esteem Movie

By Veronica Hislop WHAT IS SELF-ESTEEM? My Definition: “Self esteem is the art of  knowing who you are and what you want, trusting your heart and  living a truly authentic life based on your own sense  of self-worth and values. It is about being totally unapologetic  about what you stand for regardless of what others  might think of you. It is …

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Mar 02

Guest Post: An Exercise in Vitality

By Deborah Jane Wells   What’s one of the top 10 ways to reduce stress? Exercise. One of the top 10 ways to relieve anxiety? Exercise. Promote vitality? Exercise. Relieve depression? Build self-esteem? Improve self-image and confidence? Increase stamina, strength, flexibility, stability and dexterity? Reduce tension? Improve mental sharpness and alertness? Strengthen immunity? Reduce health risks? …

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Feb 23

Guest Post: How We Can React To A Negative Action?

By Blanchy Ana Dodd (maiden name Talentti) Sometimes we feel is our right and is a justified reaction or response to a certain situation we are facing. What we are doing instead is increasing the negative energy, making the situation even worse and difficult to resolve. Positive feedback is what will bring the situation back to …

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Nov 24

Guest Post: Thoughtful Thursday Gratitude Quotes

By Lenora Boyle In this season of gratitude, I offer you some of my favorite gratitude quotes about gratitude. In reality, we don’t need to celebrate Thanksgiving Day to practice gratitude and appreciation. Let’s make every day a thanksgiving day. Remember to write everything you’re grateful for in  a notebook or journal on a daily or weekly …

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Jun 23

Guest Post: She is Amazing…Watch her Fly…Watch her Fall?

By Dj Segovia You remember “Superman”- able to leap tall buildings and out speed bullets? And now his cousin, “Supergirl” is a new popular TV series. We love those superheroes with super powers!  Let me introduce you to a woman I coach… she is –“Superwoman!” She is a multitasking-maven. She takes that role to the outer limits …

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Jun 16

Guest Post: Learn The Word No and Put Yourself First!

By Christa Zamel/span> You can’t be everything to everyone but you should be everything you want to be for yourself. Saying no is not a bad thing. It allows you to prioritize and accomplish things that are important to you. Many times we take on more than we actually have time for. So to get it …

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May 26

Guest Post: Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Actions, Actions Become Destiny

“Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Actions, Actions Become Destiny.”  By Melany Peters I’ve always believed that your thoughts become words that you speak and the words you speak become the actions you live out. Ultimately and inevitably you actions determine the consequences of your life.It no secret that thoughts have incredible power. It’s been said that “Thoughts …

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May 11

Guest Post: “The 7 Keys to Empowerment”

The 7 Keys to Empowerment  By Jan Moore Unless you’re clear on what empowerment means how will you know whether or not you’ve achieved it?  By empowering your approach to life you’ll develop your power to manifest the outcomes you want rather than manifesting what you don’t want. Empowerment is primarily a change of mindset – …

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May 09

Masterclass: 5-12-16

The IAPLC Masterclass Thurs. May 12, 12-1 pm ET will be: “Find Out What Is Stopping You From Getting What You Want”   with Evakarin Wallin    Replay is no longer available. Download her ebook: “Mindset-Your Key to Success” Here    Can thinking positive be negative? How can your fears be a leverage to getting what …

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Apr 14

Guest Post: “2 Essential Keys To Monetize Your Mission”

2 Essential Keys To Monetize Your Mission  By Nicola Grace When you are looking to monetize your mission – monetize your life purpose – so you have a business that makes a big impact, you want to first understand what it means to be monetized.   Monetization for many entrepreneurs typically starts and stops at answering these …

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