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Ann Harmon – ReShape Your Life, over 40 years, Canton, OH
“Your Road Map to Peace, Joy, Beauty, and Prosperity”

Ann Harmon has been naturally and intuitively coaching individuals all of her life. Asked a question, she has always intuitively known the answer. She is very connected to Universal Mind / Source for her guidance, direction, and purpose.

Ann was formally educated as a nurse with all of the accompanying degrees, B.S.N., M.Ed., M. Rehab and Nursing, Doctoral work in Community Health /Education, in order to teach on the university level at an assistant professor.

Her passion in life has become seeing that special light ignite in someone’s eyes as their soul “gets it and becomes a powerful force for service/good in this world and for an individual creating the life they love.

513-262-0099, Email:


Diane Jones – Possibilities! Empowerment Coaching, Since 2011, Goshen, MA
“Catalyzing Your Wisdom for Powerful Change.”

Diane is dedicated to partnering with you to awaken and maximize embodiment of the greatness that already exists in you. Her coaching skills, experience, and formal and informal studies combine with intuitive elements to produce a valuable supporter and synergist, focusing on the present and moving forward as you create your best and biggest life.

Because her coaching is based mainly on skilled and intuitive questioning to access your inner wisdom, and her life experiences are extensive, Diane can assist with a vast array of issues.,


Nancy Barnes – College of Holistic Health ®, Since 2009, Hawley, PA
“Let’s make your vision a reality!”

Nancy is Founder and Director of College of Holistic Health LLC, located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, established in 2009 (formerly Holistic Health of Chagrin Falls). The school offers nationally-accredited home study career training in Holistic Health Practices.

The skills developed in the school’s Programs enable the student to start or enhance their own holistic healing business, integrate holistic therapies in their work as a doctor, nurse, massage therapist, or other healing profession, or offer their holistic healing skills in other professional capacities. A lot of people approach her to help with gut issues. Whilst she may direct people to this Multi GI 5 review, Nancy will also offer some holistic treatment too. The programs can also be taken for personal reasons only – for those who wish to gain holistic health knowledge and skills for themselves and their families.

Complementary and holistic healthcare is preventative, treating the cause and the whole person rather than just the symptom. With large numbers of people partaking in a wide array of holistic treatments, it is indeed an opportune time to study and become gainfully employed in this field., 570-390-7690,


Kate Burke– Kate Burke Coaching, Since 2011, Tasmania, Australia

“Transforming you, from where you are, to where you want to be.”

Training as a Health & Phys. Ed Teacher and teaching for 13 years, Kate Burke triggered the transition to focus in on the area of health, personal development and emotions. Hence, she added the qualification of Certified Professional Coach to my credentials. Her Coaching now, aims to enhance the importance of the “mind” and beyond its doubts or limiting beliefs, as a key to sustaining success., +(61) 0401 090 154,


Susan Shaw – Empowered Living Solutions, Since 2014 , Macon, GA
“Empowering Women to THRIVE After 45”

Susan Shaw is a BCC Certified Life Coach and a Certified Christian Coach. She specializes in working with women ages 45 and up who are experiencing major mid-life transitions including Empty Nest Syndrome. Susan’s coaching philosophy is that our life is like a book with many chapters. Each transition (chapter) you go through offers opportunities for personal growth and to create a life you love.

Through her love of helping others, wisdom and a multitude of life experiences, Susan is here to help and guide you as you transition to the next chapter of your life. Her all-encompassing passion is to help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter., 478-394-5772,


Paul Chisholm – PC Health and Wellness Coaching Services, Since 2018, Yonkers, NY
“With you in the moments that matter”

I help families, adults, and seniors that have issues with general nutrition, illnesses associated with nutrition, and recovery & nutrition. Each person is different and will require an individual approach to their own personal goals. Some may find that Morning Complete helps, while others may need different support to achieve better health.

In my coaching practice, I will help you with your health and wellness needs, such as nutrition related illnesses, recovery from drugs and alcohol problems and weight management. But if someone approaches me with health discomforts like digestive issues, or a pain in the stomach and such, I might not be able to help them completely. Then I might have to ask them to take supplements after reading Total Restore reviews or something similar. However, this could be a rarity. My services are individual coaching, family coaching, senior coaching, informational workshops and referrals to nutritionist., (917) 414-6584,


Janet Strangeways, Rowan Grove Coaching & Consulting, Since 1999, Ottawa, Ontario

I’m a retired doctor from the United Kingdom where I practised medicine and worked for the NHS for 33 years after university. As a consultant in communicable disease control for three London boroughs, I had to be calm while dealing with emergencies and reassure the public. This ability to remain calm under pressure gave me the clarity necessary to analyze each situation and take effective action. Since relocating to Canada in 1999, I have become an Integral Associate Coach. Today I enjoy being a life coach, enabling professionals who are getting burnt out to be calm under pressure both at work and at home.

As a coach, I focus on helping professionals from a variety of fields who are too overwhelmed to thrive in their profession, juggling the demands of career and home life, seeking a fulfilling life outside of work, or looking to enjoy life with their family., 613-241-1520,


Stayce Bowen – Glam Moms, LLC, Since 1994, Willow Grove, PA
“Reach Up and Grab a Miracle”

As a Certified Life Source Coach, I provide inner divine spiritual direction to help women move towards a life they already possess but may need clarity to tap into. Our life is a journey, in order to truly stay the course for the journey we must first understand our origin, and our organic self. We cannot understand the life we want unless we first explore where life begins and the plan that was established for our lives.

A Spiritual Life Source coach creates a partnership with you to map out your life plan by returning to your organic self by way of our true beginning in the Garden of Eden where creation of womankind began. , 888-400-8575,


Joann C. Bradley, CPLC, Words for Life Coaching, Since 2016, Benicia, CA

I have worked over 25 years in Healthcare Industry, with the last 17 years in Social Services as a Case Manager. I provided counseling for patients as well as family members, completed assessments, developed plans for care and was able to help clients achieve wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, and education. Whether you are experiencing a transition in life for relationships, losses, empty-nesters, life after 50, new careers, starting college or starting life all over again; I can help you sort thru difficult changes and empower you to get results. , 707-741-3131,


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