IAPLC Masterclass: How To Finally Get Those “to-do’s” DONE

Are you “busy” and working “hard” but your bank balance isn’t reflecting it?

Are you tired of feeling busy and broke and want to create consistent clients and cash flow?

Are you a Money Maker?

IAPLC presents the Masterclass on Thursday, December 11, 12-1 EST

“Tired of Firefighting Against Your Ever Expanding To Do List? How To Finally get those “to-do’s” DONE So That You Can Make More Money NOW” with Kim Pisolkar

Join Kim for an informative class where you will learn how to stop the day-to-day firefighting and start creating a consistent flow of coaching clients and cash. 

  • Learn how your Money Making Archetype is causing you to feel busy and broke and what you can do to calmly create consistent cash flow.
  • Discover the #1 mistake you are making that keeps the same tasks showing up on your to do list week after week and stops you from getting the results you want (changing this one thing will not only increase your profitability, but it will make running your business infinitely easier).
  • Find out how to stop working “harder” and do more of what you love to do (the reason you became a coach in the first place).