Our Community

Dear Friends of IAPLC,                                                                                                              6/7/20

I have been following news events of the past weeks, and have been deeply saddened by what has occurred. We here at the IAPLC, reach out to the family of George Floyd in deepest sympathy for their loss. And, through them, to all Black families across the country for the unconscionable losses and pain they have endured for hundreds of years. We also want to state clearly that we condemn all forms of racism, including police brutality, in our country.

To our IAPLC members of color, we honor you and your contribution to society. To all people of different races, please know that we stand with you, and pledge to do whatever we can to support you, to keep you safe, and to create an even more inclusive community for you. We adhere to the principle that “the world is my family.”

We are encouraged by the solidarity support that has been shown in the past week, and we hope at this time that the American people can find the inner resources of strength and wisdom to channel their creative energies into peaceful and unified action that safeguards justice for all, and ends racism for good.

– Jeannette Koczela