7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 2

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This Week – Part 2Just as every client is different and every coach is different, so too are the various lead attraction methods that coaches can choose to use. Some will work for certain coaches; some will not.

Here are proven suggestions, all focused on building a solid networking and visibility base so you are able to get new clients quickly, whenever you need them.

1-Free Events for Clients Only

The beauty of this lies in the fact that you can keep them simple without a huge expenditure of time. Invite clients only—make them feel special. And do include past clients too.

Pick your moment. Look for opportunities—for example, when clients are all asking the same question, struggling with the same thing or are baffled by some industry change.

2-Host a Weekly Q & A

You can make this an exclusive reward for past and current clients only, as suggested in #8… or you can make it a regular, recurring feature of a paid membership group you are running.

Or you can open it up to your fans and followers.

Not only will a weekly Q & A help them, it will:

  • Make interacting with you become a habit
  • Give you great ideas for approaches, products, your next package, webinar or more
  • Keep you visible and in their sight


3-Know your Own Goals

Don’t give in to the temptation to say “yes” to people whose goals and needs are not aligned with your own: It almost never works.

If they come right out and ask you, tell them: “What I specialize in is helping people [whatever you do best].” Don’t be afraid to add: “But if that doesn’t meet your needs, I can [make a couple of suggestions on where to look for help/recommend a couple of coaches] who are great at [whatever they are looking for].”

4-Offer to Help Someone Who Can’t Pay

Not only is giving back to the Universe good for your soul (and your balance), you can gain a valuable ally, testimonial and advocate.

But pick your candidate wisely: Avoid those who habitually tell heart-rending sob stories or ask for “deals”. Look quietly for those who you know you can help—and who you are certain will take action.

5-Remember to Make the Invitation

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to convince people to work with you. Instead, just keep alert for the clues. Very often, potential clients will come right out and tell you they need help with something you are more than qualified to help them with—but they won’t actually ask. (Clients can be as afraid of rejection as you may be!)

Listen, and when you hear a veiled hint or inquiry, say in a straightforward, cheerful manner something like: “I’ve actually helped over a dozen people with that very problem. If you’re looking for coaching to help you overcome that, I have [a couple of openings/a package that would suit you/a free strategy session that might help].

6-Create Passive Income Sources

Sometimes it’s just not the right time for people to become clients, no matter how many strategies you try: And sometimes Life happens to you too—floods, injuries, family losses et cetera.

That’s why it’s just solid strategy to create other sources of income that can keep on selling when you can’t, such as:

  • A signature eBook on Amazon
  • A themed series of eBooks
  • Packages of forms, worksheets, checklists, etc.
  • Template packages
  • On-demand courses and webinars (pre-recorded and pre-loaded)

7-Plan a Special Event

If you keep your special event online, there’s no need to tear your hair out with travel arrangements, conference rooms, spas, meals, etc. Just offer a V.I.P day for the first six clients (or whatever you feel comfortable with) and load up your self-scheduling system with six slots.

Then send out an email to clients—present and past.

(The other great thing about V.I.P Days: Because it is 5-6 hours of focus on just one client, you can charge a healthy, top-level fee for these!)

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