Burn The Ships and Unlock Your Extraordinary

Masterclass for Recovery Coaches‘Burn The Ships’ is a powerful metaphor for change, growth, and transformation.

It is all about the journey ahead and eliminating the excuses and anchors that hold us back.

A crisis never takes a holiday. And this is why Certified Crisis & Recovery Coaches are in high demand. You give hope and solutions when people need it most. You help save lives and families while leading people to create their inspirational comeback story.

My colleagues, Susan and Dave Kenney, have agreed to share an inspiring 90-minute LIVE Masterclass leading you to ‘unlock your extraordinary’.

In it they will reveal their powerful secrets of how to guide people to transform their pain to their power. They also will share insider secrets and proven strategies for you to create abundance and prosperity, in weeks as a recovery coach.

Susan and Dave Kenney are remarkable teachers and will show you how you can grow a thriving coaching practice through an evidence-based and fully-accredited Crisis & Recovery Coaching Certification.

And this is the #1 IN DEMAND coaching niche globally. Meaning there are more clients who are in crisis than there are coaches or professionals to help.

You can learn more and register for the masterclass HERE.