I want to share something—

Webinar: “An Easier Way to Grow Your Coaching Business…While Simplifying Your Life”Over the years, I’ve discovered that most coaches don’t have as much of a problem with knowledge as they do with implementing what they’ve learned, i.e., they know what to do, but are not so confident about putting it into action.

But I’ve discovered a solution that may be very interesting for you. 

As you may know, I’ve been running the IAPLC for over 10 years, and in that time, I’ve talked with many life coaches who’ve struggled to grow their businesses. Most of them have taken expensive business classes and programs but the trouble is that what they learn seldom gets implemented (if ever).

And there’s a reason why.  

Very few of these courses have a built-in system that gets the participants to do the work easily. And I don’t just mean the coursework.  I also mean the all-important work that needs to continue to be done after the course is over.

When my friend, James I. Bond (Jim) showed me the strategies he has used successfully for 13 years with some of the world’s largest companies, I discovered the answer to the implementation issue. 

His breakthrough book, “Brain Glue,” as well as his behavioral management system were both mind-blowing for me. They solve the implementation problem in a surprisingly simple way. 

BRAIN GLUE 3DAnd I want to share this valuable information with you. 

That’s why I got him to offer a free webinar/masterclass, “An Easier Way to Grow Your Coaching Business…While Simplifying Your Life“.  

In it, he outlines how you can use this powerful method to reach bigger goals than you ever thought possible by applying some of these techniques. 

Once you learn how to do this for yourself, you will be able to achieve bigger goals. And then you can also use this method to help your clients reach more ambitious goals than they ever thought they could.

So, if you want an easier way to grow your coaching business, while at the same time simplifying your life, go here to register for this free webinar (while it’s still available): https://iaplifecoaches.org/webinar