Content Creator’s Bonanza

about content creationThe thing to know about content creation and content marketing is that you probably already have plenty of content to share with your audience—past blog posts, podcasts, videos, articles, and even past emails.

So, when you’re staring at that blank page, trying to come up with completely new content…stop. It’s better to spend some time organizing the content you already have, so you can “repurpose” and use it again. 

You can start by making a list of your past content. I use an Excel spreadsheet to  record all my blog posts with the date posted, title, and the URL link. That way, I can go back over the list to see which ones I might want to use again in a different format. (For example, I could take a past video tip and turn it into a blog post, or vice versa.)

Next, you should separate the content that’s on your list into topics. You probably have several main topics that you talk about. (For example, my topics include blogging, email marketing, content creation, social media posting, and sales page copywriting.)

Then decide how you could repurpose each of these items into a different format. Now, when you want to share content about a particular topic, you can go to your list, pick out an item, change the format, and share it.

If you’re worried that your audience may see that you already shared that content, remember: chances are they didn’t see it the first time, and if they did, they may not remember it anyway. Education consists of repetition, and sharing content is all about educating your audience on your topics and how you can solve their problems with your work.

Content Creator's Super Stack

Now I told you about the Black Friday special this week, The Content Creators Super Stack.

One of the products in this bundle is How To Update Your Past Blog Posts To Increase Your Traffic. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose which blog post(s) to update
  • Use Google Search Console to strategically update content 
  • Increase audience engagement and conversions on your content
  • Properly delete any content that may be dragging your site traffic down
  • Revive your content beyond SEO

And that’s just one of the products in the super stack.

Another one is “The Complete Content Repurposing Formula.” It’s the perfect reference guide for content creators to amplify their content without doing more work. It shows you:

  • How to easily reshape your content into different formats to save you time creating content
  • 60 step by step formula to follow that will take the guesswork out of content repurposing
  • How to eliminate inconsistency so you can show up online to better serve your clients with regular content

These two courses alone can save you hours of time in repurposing content you already have. Worth $49? I think so.

Anyway, here’s my affiliate link for you to take a look: https://jkoczela–

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