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Have You Heard of These Solopreneur Resources?

Have You Heard of These Solopreneur Resources

You’ve likely heard that more than half of new small businesses don’t make it past the first five years. It’s a startling truth for many entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be your reality. There are many ways to grow your business without being part of that statistic, and plenty of solopreneur resources. Many business …

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How A Weekly Reminder Email Can Be Incredibly Beneficial for Goal Achievement

How a Weekly Reminder Email

When setting goals, many people fall by the wayside after 2 or 3 weeks. Why is that? One reason is that they don’t have a system for following up with their goals. Another reason is that they don’t have a method for accountability. I would like to suggest that having a weekly reminder that is …

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Just Launched: The Everything Content Bundle

Everything Content Bundle

I’m excited to share with you Bundle Bash’s “Everything Content Bundle.” It’s an all-inclusive resource designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to supercharge their content game. This bundle covers everything from social media strategies, blogging, and content repurposing, to even unique ways to use PLR. With a combined value of over $1000, it’s now available for …

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Becoming a Professional Life Coach review

Becoming a Professional Life Coach book review

This is a review of the book, “Becoming a Professional Life Coach.” Even the introduction to this book is essential reading for life coaches.  Citing the men, women,  theories, and techniques that form the basis of what is today known as life coaching, the introduction skillfully summarizes the knowledge that we all—to one degree or …

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Are you Using This Power-Tool for Organization

Are you using this power-tool for organization?

  A mind map is a power-tool for organizing thoughts and ideas. They are visual representations of concepts and information. They help make complex topics more accessible and easier to understand. And, since about 80% of the population is visually oriented, it makes sense to use mind maps, especially in business.  Here are some of the …

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Video Tip: Create a Media Kit in Canva

Do members of the media who need interviews with experts know about you or how to reach you? If you shrugged your shoulders to either of these questions, then it’s time to create your own media kit. Years ago, the term “media kit” was a format where magazines published their advertising rates, along with the …

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3-day Holiday Sale

3-day hHoliday sale

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the business training you need at a very affordable price? Well, you can. For the next 3 days I will have all the products on my product page on sale. They are normally between $37 and $49 each—but the sale price is only $19 each.  Just go …

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Content Creator’s Bonanza

about content creation

The thing to know about content creation and content marketing is that you probably already have plenty of content to share with your audience—past blog posts, podcasts, videos, articles, and even past emails. So, when you’re staring at that blank page, trying to come up with completely new content…stop. It’s better to spend some time …

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The Virtues of Virtual Workshops

Ultimate Workshop Checklist’

How can you fill your courses and programs in just 90 minutes? With a Virtual Workshop! A virtual workshop is probably THE quickest (and most fun) way of generating more ideal clients than any other avenue. And all it takes is 90 minutes of training. The advantage of holding a virtual workshop instead of just …

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Benefits of Using Templates in Your Business

Do you use templates in your business? Most of us have a few places we use them, but you probably didn’t realize that they can save you time (and offer other benefits) in every area of your business. If you’re not using templates now, it’s time to start. What Are Business Templates? Business templates are …

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