Don’t Make This Mistake! #2

Businesses are set up to make profit. So, business owners need to make sure their business plan is as impactful as possible. They need to balance their spending with their revenue. They need to find out what their competitors are doing.

But, this is a lot of work. If you could shorten the learning curve to building a successful business, would you jump at the chance? Many business owners do. They want to apply the most effective strategies that can get their business up and running, bringing in more revenue and growth.

How do they do that in a short time? It’s definitely going to take some effort, but choosing to put in that effort with the help of something like business growth coaching can put them ahead by leaps and bounds.

Well, here’s another tip for shortening that learning curve.

A mistake coaches make that I see all the time is that they set up a great website with attractive graphics and compelling content, but they don’t have any method for capturing leads. That means that visitors who come to their site and aren’t ready to purchase just leave. That’s a mistake because in the coaching industry, it’s important to develop relationships. And you can only do that by repeated contact.

There’s only one way to have repeated contact with a potential client from your website, and that’s to have an opt-in box so visitors can get on your list. Once they are on your list, you can educate them more about what you do and market to them in your own controlled environment.

Another mistake that goes along with this is to have an opt-in box but nothing to entice them to opt-in. People are no longer interested in getting your newsletter—they are looking for quick solutions to their problems. You can give them that with a compelling gift offer. That is, an opt-in gift that gives them some kind of help right away. It can be some tips, a technique, or some content that educates them on what the real problem is and how you can solve it.

Here are some tips for your opt-in process:

1) Make sure you give your opt-in gift a title that appeals to your ideal clients and addresses a specific issue they have. For example, “12 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make” or “Reoccurring Business Revenue Quick Start Guide” is more appealing than “Special Success Report” or “Business Building E-course.”

2) You can choose from many different formats for your gift such as a special report, ebook, ecourse, mini-series, audio or audio series, video or video series, teleclass, webinar, book(s), guided meditation, or a combination of these. Your newsletter is considered a bonus.

3) There should always be a call to action at the end of your opt-in gift. It can be a complementary strategy session, another small gift like custom magnets, or an entry-level product, such as a book or DVD. The important thing is that you need to tell them what to do next.

Some coaches have a product funnel they like to lead their potential clients through and others like to just offer a discovery conversation that determines whether the person is a good fit for their coaching program. It’s up to you based on what you want them to do next.

So don’t make the mistake of neglecting to having an opt-in as a way of connecting with your website visitors or you may end up working hard and not getting the results you want. Designing an opt-in gift and crafting compelling copy for it is covered in the IAPLC “Coaching Business Blueprint” and the “Coaching Business Training Vault.”  Find out more about the vault here: