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Vacation Lesson

B&J-Boulder - vacation lesson

Have you learned lessons for your business while on vacation? Here’s a vacation lesson that I learned recently. In August, my husband and I visited Boulder, Colorado for the first time. We stayed with his brother and sister-in-law. They arranged several hikes for us, one of which was around a lake at 10,200 ft. altitude. …

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Video Tip: Recession-Proof Your Business #4

Recession Proof your business - Tip #4

There are many strategies that you can implement to recession-proof your business and achieve long-term success.  By implementing these strategies and adapting to changes in the industry,  a life coach can build a successful and sustainable coaching practice that provides value to clients and helps them achieve their goals. In this video tip, we’ll explore …

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Grow Your List By Adding Content to YouTube

How to Grow Your List with YouTube One of the first things you should do when creating an online business is to start your mailing list. The advantage of having an email list is that you can email your subscribers any time. You can share valuable tips and information with them and promote your own …

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Start Work at the Same Time Every Day

Start Work at the Same Time Every Day

Even if you’re self-employed and you live to be flexible, keep yourself to one set time slot—and that’s starting work at the same time every day. No matter how flexible you are the rest of the day, getting yourself into the habit of sitting down to work at the same time every day will help …

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The Virtues of Virtual Workshops

Ultimate Workshop Checklist’

How can you fill your courses and programs in just 90 minutes? With a Virtual Workshop! A virtual workshop is probably THE quickest (and most fun) way of generating more ideal clients than any other avenue. And all it takes is 90 minutes of training. The advantage of holding a virtual workshop instead of just …

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Six Live Streaming Marketing Tips

6 Marketing Tips for Live Streaming

Marketing is just as important to your live streaming business as it is to any other business. Due to the format, it can be easy to see this business model as different. However, it is not separate, and, if you don’t plan ways to market it, you won’t be successful. The days are gone where …

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Why Consistency Is Key for Live Streaming

Why Consistency is Key for Live Streaming

Consistency is key for all businesses, but especially for live streaming. Consistency is doing things on a repeated, predictable basis. For live streaming, consistency means creating a fixed schedule and sticking to it. The fixed schedule should be realistic in order to achieve consistency. This means you should dive into your target audiences’ habits and …

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How Live Streaming Can Improve Any Business

How Live Streaming Can Improve Your Business

Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool. Studies show nearly 64% of consumers more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, and almost 80% wanting to see more social media content from their favorite brands. All of which means: If you want to make more money, take advantage of live streaming …

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How to Stay On Top Of Your Game

How to stay on top of your game

Especially when marketing online, you need to be on top of your game, because the “game” keeps changing. Social Media platforms change guidelines and algorithms. Software programs frequently update, and online tools become outdated. (It’s definitely hard to keep up with everything.) But if you want to keep bringing in revenue, you have to ride …

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Running your own business should be fun

Running your own business should be fun, not frustrating

…not frustrating—and How to Fix it: Business management sounds like a complicated subject to tackle when you are running your own business. And many business owners cringe at the thought of having to learn business skills. But for us solopreneurs, overwhelm and stress are often due to a just a few things: Lack of planning …

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