Don’t Make This Mistake! #3

In the last post, I discussed the importance of having an irresistible opt-in gift for visitors to your site so you can capture their email addresses. Many online business owners spend a lot of money, time and effort, driving traffic to their site for the purpose of building their list. From bringing in experienced website designers (for example, Hooked Marketing) to SEO agencies, entrepreneurs have to do it all to keep their business thriving!
But one mistake that is made is that they don’t have a system for keeping in touch with the people on their list. To keep bringing people back, online business must do what they can to appeal to these customers so an ‘in-touch’ service is warranted. For example, customers need to know that when they buy online they are using a streamlined and effective service with good payment processing software from such platforms as https://merchantalternatives.com/merchant-services/merchant-accounts/credit-card-processing-high-risk/, otherwise, it can drive them away if they feel like they are not on an efficient site.

Many coaches are in this group. They talk about how big their list is or how big they want it to be instead of focusing on building relationships with the people on the list. It doesn’t even matter what size your list is, if you can develop relationships with them so that they trust you and buy from you.

Some of the most successful people in the coaching industry, have people on their lists who buy every product they put out. That’s what you can call a “responsive list.” And that’s the kind of list you want…one that responds favorably to your launches and promotions.

So how do you build a responsive list? One of the best ways is to send out a regular newsletter. The reason that ezines work so well is that they are delivered to a very targeted group of readers, who have asked to receive more information from you. As they receive regular valuable content from your ezines, they will be more likely to purchase something from you because you have earned their trust.

Here are a few tips for newsletters:

1) Consistency: You newsletter needs to be sent out consistently so people expect it. Irregular newsletters don’t get read as much as consistent ones. Sending out a regular newsletter shows that you are invested in your business and that you care about the people on your list. It also can make you look like the expert and is more professional.

Set up a regular schedule and stick to it. The frequency should be what you are comfortable with but the least amount should be once a month, and the most should be once a week. Your ideal clients are like you, so think about how often you would want to read someone’s newsletter.

2) Relevance: Your newsletter needs to have relevant content in it that educates your audience about the work you do, what it would be like working with you, and how they can take the next step. You want to make it easy for your community to understand how your business can help them. It should be packed with information, tips, and strategies that they can try out for themselves. Then if they see that it works, they will want more from you. That’s why you need to define the next step. Don’t assume that they know what to do. Tell them what to do.

3) Personal: The newsletter should also be entertaining and reveal enough about you so your audience feels like they know you. You can include something personal like a story about you, or something you did/attended. Having accompanying photos of you with someone like a client, high profile person in your industry, event you attended, or family member. Your audience needs to know that you are a real person, that you are like them, and that you care about them. You can show them your personality through your newsletter.

The overall goal of the newsletter is to build a relationship with the people on your list, educate them about the benefits and results you provide, and get people interested enough in your services to want to have a private conversation with you where you can help them decide if they want to hire you.

So don’t make the mistake of not using a newsletter to build the know, like, and trust factor with your list. If you’d like coaching support on this important aspect of your marketing as well as all other parts of your marketing, we have a business training program available for coaches. Make an appointment to see if this program will move your business forward faster HERE.

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