Guest Post: She is Amazing…Watch her Fly…Watch her Fall?

By Dj Segovia

You remember “Superman”- able to leap tall buildings and out speed bullets? And now his cousin, “Supergirl” is a new popular TV series.

We love those superheroes with super powers!

 Let me introduce you to a woman I coach… she is –Superwoman!” She is a multitasking-maven. She takes that role to the outer limits of her abilities to express and regulate her emotions. I can do this! All of this!

As long as she is out there flying, she doesn’t have to feel. She is applauded for this, and therefore thrives on the adrenaline. “Come fly with me…” she sings.

She is addicted to other people’s opinions. Being everyone’s “go-to” person is how she feels powerful. So more performance fuels her, and keeps her away from what’s underneath her bravado. Up, Up and Away…

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