Guest Post: Thoughtful Thursday Gratitude Quotes

By Lenora Boyle

Lenora Boyle Gratitude QuotesIn this season of gratitude, I offer you some of my favorite gratitude quotes about gratitude.

In reality, we don’t need to celebrate Thanksgiving Day to practice gratitude and appreciation. Let’s make every day a thanksgiving day. Remember to write everything you’re grateful for in  a notebook or journal on a daily or weekly basis. You’ll feel better, and begin to manifest more in your life.

Be specific. The more detailed you are, the more results you will enjoy! If you write that you are grateful for  your friend, also write a few things you appreciate about them.

I am grateful to all of you who have been visiting my blog for the past eight years, since 2007! to inspire you are some favorite gratitude quotes:

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings
~ William Arthur Ward

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”
~ Johannes Gaertner

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