Oct 18

A 3-Day Event That Delivered


Jeannie Spiro and Jeannette

Last week I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to attend a 3-day event on creating your signature talk with Jeannie Spiro. I had actually created one last spring using Jeanne’s course but I wanted to revise it and possibly create a another one. I received much more than I had anticipated! 

The program she shared was so easy to follow and gave me everything I needed to tweak my talk and write an entirely new one.

Not only did Jeannie deliver a ton of great content (and she did it without notes), but also I met some of the most amazing and successful women I have met since starting my business. Just being in a room full of successful business women, made me feel like a different person—like one of them!

We did a lot of networking on the breaks and I met just about all of the 60+ attendees. Over half of them were interested in my products and they also had products that I will be sharing with my networks in the coming months. It was a bonanza of future joint venture partners, and future friends.

I was also impressed with the close friendships that the women who were getting coaching directly from Jeannie had with each other. It just reminded me of how important it is to not only get out of the house and go to this kind of event, but also to get involved in groups pf people who you resonate with and can find support from.

The entire experience was one I will remember fondly for quite some time and I eagerly look forward to getting to know all the wonderful ladies I met there. And I came away a different and better person—one that is confident about her products and services and knows that she can successfully expand her business in the coming year. That’s the best part!


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