India Trip Update

Main-Hall-lectureIAPLC members and subscribers have expressed interest in an update since my trip to Hyderabad, India in January.

As I said in my previous blog post, my trip to India: was to attend a “10,000 for World Peace” Conference. The goal was to establish a permanent group of 10,000 people practicing the TM Sidhis techniques to foster world peace, prosperity, and goodwill for the 8 billion people on the planet. (See this reference

The conference attracted spiritual leaders from all over India.  And as a result of knowledge acquired about how this plan can bring about a better world, three of them have pledged to help create a permanent group.

I’m very excited about this because I know the scientific evidence that shows how this could work.

The trip to and from India last January was arduous for everyone I talked to. Plus those of us who live in  Fairfield, Iowa, where there is a group of 2000 TM meditators, came back to over two feet of snow and minus 5-10 degrees F temperatures. That was after spending two weeks in 80+ degree F weather. (It actually took my husband and I five days to return because of flight cancelations due to frozen fuel lines in planes.)

So, it was very gratifying to hear about the efforts of these Indian spiritual leaders and what it will mean to everyone in the world to have such  groups on a permanent basis. And that the amazing adventure that I undertook was worth the effort!