Live the Life You Want Today – Part 2

How do you create the life you want? As a spiritual life coach, I want to suggest that you start by living the life you want. What do I mean by that? I mean, that you don’t have to wait for the life you want—you can begin living it right now.

As we continue this series, here are some more steps you can take to live the life you want while you’re in the process of creating it.

4- Believe in yourself

You may remember Wayne Dyer turning around the old adage, “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “You’ll see it when you believe it.” This is so true! You’ve first got to believe that you can do it—that you have what it takes. Of course, that’s one reason why people hire a coach—sometimes we need someone with an objective viewpoint to give us encouragement.

You not only need to believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish your dreams, but you also need to make goals that are realistic and therefore believable.

A coach can also help you make sure that the goal that you want to accomplish is realistic. If it isn’t, they can give you guidance on how to make it clearer, more appropriate for your talents and skills, and/or more realistic from a time point of view. For example, maybe you have a realistic goal, but the amount of time you thought was necessary to accomplish it wasn’t realistic. Adjusting the time frame can make the goal more realistic and believable.

Ultimately, you need to have enough self-confidence and self-esteem to believe that your goal is not only possible, but also that you are capable of achieving it. Some people doubt themselves because they don’t know how they will accomplish their goal. But actually the “how” comes along after—and in a way results from—the belief and conviction that you are going to do it.

A coach can help you develop the confidence you need to believe in yourself and to accomplish what you desire, whether it’s a career change, a relationship issue, or a business-building endeavor.

Of course, your belief in yourself is not the whole ball of wax. You can’t just believe something and wait for it to happen. You must take action in the direction of the goal. As with any goal or dream, you need to find out what you need to know to accomplish it. You may need to hone your current skills or acquire new ones. But your belief will carry you over the rough spots. 

5- Journal your way to the life you want.

One helpful tool for creating the life you want that is often overlooked is journaling. Writing down your thoughts and feelings, as well as your goals and dreams, makes them more solidified in your awareness.

The act of handwriting (or even typing) is a kinesthetic action. And we know from the field of psychology, that kinesthetic actions help make stronger impressions in your brain. If you do those actions often, it’s like creating a pathway (literally a pathway of neurons) in the brain to your desired goal.

Sometimes just by writing out your thoughts when you hit a snag or roadblock, can help you can work out a solution that you may not have come up with just by thinking about it. Seeing it on paper (or on screen) can bring greater clarity to your situation.

Journaling is a wonderful way to let your imagination come up with ideas you may not have thought of, or thought of but not remembered to write down in the hustle-bustle of the daily tasks. It’s also a time for self, for silence and reflection and this may be a gift you need to give yourself periodically or regularly in order to handle life.

What do you think?  Have you tried any of these?  Please comment below.

This is an excerpt from the IAPLC recently published book, “Create the Life You Want, and How a Coach Can Help.”

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Stay tuned for Part 3.

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