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Oct 12

My Self-Esteem Movie

By Veronica Hislop WHAT IS SELF-ESTEEM? My Definition: “Self esteem is the art of  knowing who you are and what you want, trusting your heart and  living a truly authentic life based on your own sense  of self-worth and values. It is about being totally unapologetic  about what you stand for regardless of what others  might think of you. It is …

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Oct 20

Guest Post: Finding Your Own Refuge

By Tori Michaels FROM THE COACH: “FINDING YOUR OWN REFUGE” Lately, I have found myself aware of people around me who are trying to navigate the often turbulent waters of life without much of a refuge. They hang onto their pain, resentments and problems with a strength that is all consuming. They seem to feel …

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Sep 15

Guest Post: Discover How To Kill The Monster Of Procrastination

By Dayo Fawusi Discover How To Kill The Monster Of Procrastination… So You Can Live A Happy And More Fulfilling Life! Do you struggle with the habit of procrastination? – ALWAYS putting off important tasks, with the intention that you’ll get to finish them at a later time… Think about the ALL the life-changing opportunities …

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