Tip for Closing the Sale

Talk Up the ResultsTalk Up the Results

The goal of a sales conversation is to help the potential client envision the positive changes that can be achieved through your coaching program and then ask him/her to make a commitment. Your potential client wants to know how your coaching program can change her life. Here are some easy steps to take to close the sale:

1) The first step is to acknowledge the current reality of the potential client’s life. This means understanding and empathizing with their current struggles, challenges, and pain points. By acknowledging their reality, you are showing that you understand their situation.

2) The next step is to talk up the results. Talk about the transformation that can be achieved through your coaching program. This involves painting a vivid picture of what their life could be like after working with you, and highlighting the benefits and positive changes they can expect to experience. This can include improved health, increased confidence, greater success, or any other positive outcomes that your coaching program can provide.

3) While the potential client is envisioning these positive changes, you then ask them to invest. By asking them to invest while they are feeling positive and optimistic about the potential transformation, you increase the chances of a successful sale and a positive outcome for both you and your client.

In this way you help your client see the value of your services while committing to make positive changes in their life.