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7 Steps to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

7 Steps to Create Your ICP

It can be challenging to identify your ideal customer.  It takes work, research, and patience. Some business owners are hesitant to even start.  Their concern is that it may not be wise to limit their audience: Isn’t it just a “numbers game”, and therefore better to target everybody and see who bites? Unfortunately, unless you …

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The Importance of Defining Success

The Importance of Defining Success

Everyone in life seems to be chasing the same thing, something by the name of “success”. While this may sound like we’re all pursuing a similar goal, it couldn’t be further from the truth. For this reason, before you start the journey towards success, you must define what it means to you—personally. Otherwise, you may …

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7 Successful Behaviors to Adopt to Find Success in Life

7 behaviors to adopt to find success in life

Success is a word learned early on and is measured from school-aged children through college and adulthood. Understanding that “success” may look different to different people is essential for discussions about the word. Even if you don’t feel successful, you can adopt successful behaviors that will help you find your success. Here are 7 of …

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7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 3

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This Week – Part 3

This is the last of a series on tips for getting new clients and building a solid networking and visibility base so you are able to get new clients quickly,. (See Part 1 HERE.  See Part 2 HERE.) 1) Offer [XX] Free Coaching Sessions to Group Members Do you belong to forums or groups? Chances …

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Video Tip: Create a Media Kit in Canva

Do members of the media who need interviews with experts know about you or how to reach you? If you shrugged your shoulders to either of these questions, then it’s time to create your own media kit. Years ago, the term “media kit” was a format where magazines published their advertising rates, along with the …

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How to Make a Monthly Reset Routine and Why You Need One

How to make a monthly reset routine and why you need one

Monthly resets are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to take a look back at the past month, look at your successes, and reflect on what you want to work on for the next month in both your business and personal life. Combined with weekly resets every Monday (or whenever your workweek begins), you …

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7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 1

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This Week

Just as every client is different and every coach is different, so too are the various lead attraction methods that coaches can choose to use to get new clients.  Some will work for certain coaches; some will not. Here are proven suggestions, all focused on building a solid networking and visibility base so you are …

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Know Your Why:

Know your why

5 Questions to Help You Discover Your ‘Why’ and Motivate You in Business and in Life Are you experiencing progress in your career or business? Or does it feel like you’re just drifting along, moving in circles?   Getting what you want out of life is about more than just hard work and determination. If …

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How Live Streaming Can Improve Any Business

How Live Streaming Can Improve Your Business

Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool. Studies show nearly 64% of consumers more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, and almost 80% wanting to see more social media content from their favorite brands. All of which means: If you want to make more money, take advantage of live streaming …

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Video Tip: 10 Ways to Show Up

10 Ways to Show Up

Are you looking for ways to put yourself out there? I know how challenging it can be to get online exposure so Watch this video to get 10 ways to show up & get the attention of your audience. Plus, you can download the cheat sheet below, which explains the 10 ways and gives you …

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